UE Basketball Fun Game for a Cause

UE Basketball Fun Game for a Cause




The UE Alumni Association, Inc. (UEAAI), in cooperation with the University of the East (UE), is spearheading a basketball fun game for a cause, with the theme, “ONCE A WARRIOR, ALWAYS A WARRIOR!”

This pleasurable basketball game is envisioned to rally ALL ALUMNI and FRIENDS with one purpose: help in the renewal of the UE buildings razed down by fire recently.  The association would like to furnish the soon to be built 20-storey building with laboratory equipment for the different CAS and Engineering programs, and other furnishings that will make the new edifice a haven for learning.

All former UE Warriors are invited to grace this alumni gathering, either, as one of its special guests, or part of a basketball team (playing as coach, assistant coach, player.. other assignments needed for the day).  Their presence, the chance to meet them, and the time provided to show off their signature basketball moves and coaching skills would be greatly appreciated and admired by a greater number of eager audience attending – the younger students of the University of the East! They will be the star in this basketball event and a role model to our theme “ONCE A WARRIOR, ALWAYS A WARRIOR!”

What a great joy seeing all UE alumni joining and witnessing this never-to-miss, once in a lifetime spectacular event! All bonded, gathered for a cause, for the greater of glory of our Alma Mater – the University of the East!