President’s Corner

President Jocelyn Malanum crop

Greetings to all UE Alumni all over the world!

In behalf of the UE Alumni Association, Inc. Board, I would like to welcome you all to this UE Alumni page!

This would be our active page, our avenue for keeping up, rekindling with our long lost friends/schoolmates, updating, and sharing our whereabouts, news and thoughts on many things.

It is also my pleasure to inform you that I have been given this privilege to serve our Alma Mater as the new president of the UE Alumni Association, Inc. (UEAAI) for this year!

As had been headed by many great presidents in the past, the UEAAI as always, remained intact and has effectively spreading its wings. Just the same, many UE alumni all over the world are called upon and encouraged to join and actively participate in all UEAAI’s activities/undertakings.

In line with this, UEAAI is specifically calling all the UE alumni of different colleges to be united; bring together all alumni associations into one association; develop, enhance the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie; and foster harmonious relationship towards achieving the objectives and goals of our beloved Alma Mater, the University of the East!

Hence, with all of you, our UE Alumni here and abroad, and with the continued support and cooperation of all UEAAI officers and members of the Board, we know for sure that we would be able to carry out, help our beloved Alma Mater realize its objectives and goals and leave always a legacy worthy of emulation.

Thus, let no distance, busy schedules deter our enthusiasm to be connected and involve ourselves! Let’s work together, keep our fire within, our love for Lualhati burning, for the greater glory of our Alma Mater, the University of the East!

Thank you very much and Mabuhay!


Jocelyn R. Malanum