In line with the purpose for which the Association was established, it shall promote through the Center for Professional Development Program continuing educational activities for its members and the community. It shall be a source of revenue for the association, utilizing the expertise and services of its members.

The committee shall take an active part in promoting social responsibility, human development, and professional excellence among its members and to the community as well.

Services Offered

1. In keeping with the general responsibility of discovering and exploring new knowledge, and updating its members, the association shall engage in the publication of Journals and Gazettes.

2. Consultancies, Seminars, Trainings & Workshop and Other Services Outside the University.

•  A Pool of Experts and Practitioners will be maintained in different areas of Disciplines;
•  Seminars, workshops and symposia in accordance with the needs of the community will be conducted.
•  Consultancy Services, Legal Assistance, and other related professional services can be provided.
•  Sponsorship in Conferences

For the members of the association, the conference will serve as a venue to share important research findings and exchange ideas with the different sectors of the society to stimulate future collaboration.

•  International Tie-ups

It is high time that the UE Alumni Association through its members working abroad work out a plan of developing tie-ups with International Firms to strengthen linkage for networking purposes.
•  Exchange Scholarship Program

International Schools – Linkages can bring about richly joined forces towards the development of the quality of education and shall bring together the best minds to present a broad perspective of the latest globalization trends.
•  Spiritual Enrichment

Organize alumni retreats, recollections, liturgical and Para-liturgical activities. Regular Bible Study.
•  Directory Sale

Produce and sell the UEAAI Directory to all members, and others who may be interested to demonstrate the range of experts among the members of the asociation and use as a form of advertisement.


Dean Norberto Victa Rayupa
Executive Committee Chairman for CPD
Cel # 0916-565-5159 Res No. (049) 502-4778