Mission & Vision


We believe in the strength of unity to harbor mutual benefit and support among its members;
in the spirit of fellowship to work collectively and effectively for our Alma Mater, and
in profound dedication to gloriously accomplish the ideals and objectives for which our members stand for.


In its desire to develop close ties among the graduates of the University, it is committed to develop and enhance a brotherhood that is bonded for mutual benefit and support. It is established with the task of contributing to the betterment of the community and the country.

Statement of Purpose and Objectives

  • To unite into one body all alumni / alumnae associations of the University of the East.
  • To promote and encourage the cooperation, coordination and unity of purposes and objectives of all alumni/alumnae associations of the University of the East.
  • To encourage involvement of the members in the development and accomplishment of the association’s goals.
  • To enhance unity and sharing of members’ areas of knowledge and expertise.
  • To foster and promote better and more harmonious relationship among the different alumni/alumnae associations of the University of the East.
  • To infuse the value of an empowered membership in the development of the association.
  • To promote civic mindedness.
  • To increase employment opportunities through linkages with the industries, government and non-government units.
  • To support outreach programs.
  • To support student’s scholarship programs.

The UEAAI envisions this process as leading towards the establishment of a productive, efficient, effective, and people-oriented socio-economic association, based on a three-pronged strategy:

  • Consolidation of all alumni as beneficiaries, or as agents for professional growth and development.
  • Networking of the Association with other organizations, the Philippine government, private institutions, and international bodies engaged in professional growth and development.
  • Advocacy Leadership of promoting the University of the East culture and practices that are built upon its educational objectives and the training of its members and a strong cooperative movement with all parties concerned.