UE Placement Center

The UE Placement Center is a pro-active arm of the UE Marketing Department that keeps up-to-date information about job placement, profiles of companies and businesses, and current trends and demands of the job market. It’s primary objective is to provide useful assistance to graduating students but it will also extend assistance to UE alumni and family members of UE employees in their search for employment. The Center plans to accomplish this through the implementation of the following plans and programs with the supervision of the Alumni Affairs Coordinators and with the assistance of the Guidance Counseling Office:

  1. Creation of an updated computerized data bank of companies, institutions, and organizations that will be needed in assisting our graduating students and alumni as well in their search for employment, making it readily available and accessible thus, creating a virtual job fair every day;
  2. Posting of updated announcements and information regarding the plans, programs, and activities of the Center in all university bulletin boards, university websites, and in different university publications on a regular basis;
  3. Establishment of an active network and linkage with foreign for OFW employment and local companies especially those owned and managed by UE alumni;
  4. Creation of an advisory committee that will be tasked to provide sound and useful assistance on how the Center can effectively achieve its goals and further improve its programs. Prominent UE alumni will be invited to sit as members of the committee.
  5. Organization of seminars/lectures/workshops which will delve on the following: preparing an effective application letter and resume’, dressing up properly and presenting oneself properly in a job interview, handling questions, and other important practical tips and decorum. These information and knowledge will help improve the chances of our graduating students and graduates get the job they want.
  6. Sponsorship of career orientation and career guidance on a semestral basis. Prominent business and government personalities especially UE alumni will be invited as speakers.
  7. Organization of numerous job fairs and seminars/trainings on how to start putting up a business where reputable businesses will be invited to participate.