science lab A complete line of modern laboratory instruments and facilities for both Biological and Physical Sciences—Digital Light Meter, Spectrophotometer, Digital PH Meter, Mettler Analytical Balance, Electronic Top loading Balance (OHAUS), Magnetic Stirrers (HANNAH), 48 newly acquired Binocular Compound Microscopes with electric illumination, in addition to the existing monocular microscopes, a fully air-conditioned Video Microscope Room with two TV monitors, etc.—adequately meet the laboratory needs and requirements of both students and faculty members.


eng lab

The Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Electronics and Communication Engineering laboratories are equipped with sophisticated sets of equipment and facilities, such as Radant Communication dBase 2000, MC88 microcomputers trainer, spectrum oscillator TV sweep chanalyst, TV analyst, automotive analyzer, two-phase heat transfer unit, industrial pyrometer, refrigeration training unit, mini steam power plant, gasoline engine training set, pipe assembly, theodolite, solar attachment hydraulic bench flow and universal testing machine.


com arts lab

The fully air-conditioned Speech Laboratory meets the requirements of a modern and sophisticated speech-radio-TV studio. For broadcasting, cinema and speech students, a radio station booth operates on a community broadcast scale. Also available are an audio-video room for film editing classes, an editing room with an editing machine, a recording room, a language laboratory with 35 recording booths, each equipped with a player recorder, a mouthpiece and a pair of headsets.

The Caloocan Campus has a fully equipped speech laboratory at the ground floor of the Academic Building .


Being the first private school in the country to offer an undergraduate program in Statistics, UE has an air-conditioned statistics laboratory equipped with modern teaching devices and computers, a slide projector, an opaque projector and an overhead projector to provide students with first-hand knowledge of statistical operations.


dent lab

A complete line of modern dental laboratory instruments and equipment is available for students' experiments and faculty instructional needs, such as kymographs, microscopes, phantom heads, cast trimmers and vibrators, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, autoclaves and incubator

The modern clinical facilities and equipment for the undergraduate infirmary practice of student clinicians consist of sophisticated and computerized KAVO dental equipment and chairs (the first of their kind in the country) and newly acquired brand-new Beaverstate dental equipment and chairs, a Panorex Cephalometry Radiograph (the first among Philippine dental schools), amalgamators, supersonic scalers, light cure machine and a porcelain laboratory.


The College of Computer Studies and Systems has nine (9) fully air-conditioned computer laboratory rooms.

There are also four (4) Internet Laboratory Rooms and Multimedia Rooms on the 5th floor and six (6) Computer Laboratory Rooms with 250 Pentium-based computers and two (2) Multimedia Presentation Rooms on the 6th floor of the P. O. Domingo Center for Information Technology (POD-CIT).