The University Theater and Other Related Venues

The UE Theater on the 5th floor of F. Dalupan Sr. Building is the center for culture and the arts not only for the University but also for its surrounding communities in the City of Manila . Major presentations of the companies under the Office of Cultural Affairs and other activities in the University, including commencement exercises, are held at the UE Theater. The only performing arts venue in the University Belt with 998 seats, it is fully air-conditioned and equipped with adequate audio and basic theatrical lighting equipment, and is manned by a highly skilled staff.

The Conference Hall, on the other hand, has 416 seats and is fully air-conditioned and equipped with an audio-lighting complement. Located on the 4th floor of F. Dalupan Sr. Building, it is a suitable venue for conferences and seminars.

briefing room multi purpose hall

Other venues for activities are the CAS Manila Multipurpose Hall on the 5th floor of the CAS Manila Building , the Briefing Room on the 2nd floor of the SFC Building and the Multipurpose Hall at the CCSS. These venues can accommodate 200, 60 and 72 persons, respectively.