Office of Admissions

General Functions

Admissions Office implements policies on admission and preliminaries to matriculation. Through an On-line Admissions/Registration System, The Oad examines, processes and encodes the entrance credentials of freshmen applicants, transferees, degree-holders and cross-registrants seeking admission to the University.

During enrollment period, the Oad is On-line with the MISD Office, the Comptrollers Department and with the other four (4) colleges offering undergraduate courses: CAS, CBA, CFA and Ceng'g. Through the On-line Admission/Registration System, information on student records such as the student's name, student number, GWA, CET and other vital information related to admission/registration can be facilitated. Thus, the admission/registration o freshmen applicants, transferees, degree-holders and cross registrants is simplified and made speedier. After the enrollment is officially declared closed by the University Registrar. The Oad starts preparing the Perspective Profile of Admitted Freshmen. The Main Library in Caloocan is given a copy of this for its data bank for use as reference when needed. As a University policy, admission of freshmen is during the 1st semester and 2nd semester of every school year but not during the summer term.

Contact Details

Admission's Office: 367-45-72 loc 160
Direct Line: 367-4787
Email: baquino @