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To support the proposal, a feasibility study of the offering the basic education courses was conducted by CAS Caloocan with the help of Mr. Enrico M. Pilongo, a CAS Caloocan Language Department teacher who helped in the preparation for EHSD’s reopening and eventually became the Principal.

After several months of preparation of documents to obtain a permit from the Department of Education, setting up of the facilities and processing the enrollment, the EHSD is back with its initial enrollees of 970 students, elementary and high school combined.
 Close to 300 application letters and resume poured into the CAS Caloocan Dean’s Office. After a rigorous selection process, twenty (20) teachers were selected. All of them graduated from colleges and universities known for their academic quality.
Quality education does not have to be expensive. This is what UE has proven in its college education courses and will be carried on to its basic education offerings. Aside from the select pool of teachers and state-of-the-art facilities, its school fees are the lowest in Caloocan City. This is a matter of commitment for UE- of being committed to its mission of offering affordable quality education for the youth. 

Comparative Presentation of Enrolment Covering Two School Years

Academic Year Pre-school Elementary High School Total
A.Y. 2014-2015 41 566 1275 1882
A.Y. 2015-2016 50 584 1395 2029

The EHSD continues to work towards academic excellence with the main slogan

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