Elementary & High School Objectives


1. To provide students learning opportunities for the acquisition of values and basic skills that will help them become enlightened, critical, creative and productive members of the society;
2. To provide the students adequate learning opportunities and facilities for the development of their abilities that will help them cope with life’s challenges;
3. To produce quality students who are adequately prepared for the challenges of Secondary Education.

1. To provide learning experiences for the students that will help them discover and enhance their aptitudes, talents and interest.
2. To provide learning opportunities for the development of the students’ intellectual, moral, physical and cultural aspects and acquisitions of skills and values, which will help them, become better and productive members of society.
3. To make students appreciate their important role in the protection and preservation of the environment and nation building; and
4. To produce competent students who are adequately prepared for the challenges of Tertiary level.

~University of the East - Goals and Objectives~ To attract and retain:
1 .Highly motivated, diligent and ambitious students, desirousto improve themselves and their community

2. Competent, scholarly committed, dedicated and morallyupright teaching staff

3. Competent, efficient and morally upright employees

4. To expand educational opportunities to the deserving but financially disadvantaged

5. To upgrade facilities and equipment to the advantage of advances in relevant technologies

6. To utilize resources responsibly and efficiently

7. To graduates who will have the requisite knowledge, skills and values to meet the challenges of the national and international demands in their professions

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