Library Rules

Library Rules and Regulation

The Library's prime purpose is to provide services, resources, and facilities for all the UE community of users. Like any shared facility, it is necessary to have some rules and regulations to ensure that the best possible environment for study and research is provided for all users. Library users are expected to observe the UE Library Rules and Regulations as set out below.


• Bonafide UE Students
• Bonafide UE Faculty
• UE Administrators
• UE Employee
• UE Alumni
• Interlibrary Researchers


• Alerts
• Current Awareness
• Bibliographic Guidance
• Collection Development
• Document Delivery
• Interlibrary Loan
• Library Guided Tour
• Library Oreintation/Instruction
• Loans
• Online Databases
• Reference
• Referrals
• Reprography
• Audiovisual Equipment Access

  1. Current ID Card

    •  Used to borrow library resources in all branches/sections of the library; non-transferable.

  2. Referral Letters

    •  An endorsement letter signed by the University or Chief Librarian of other libraries to allow the interlibrary user to access the library collection and facilities; or an endorsement letter signed by the Director of UE libraries to allow UE academic community to supplement their respective activities via other libraries.


Maximum Allowable Book Loans
3.1. Circulation Books (Home Reading)
Students 5 books per week.
Renewable for another week unless needed by another researcher
Faculty / Admin /Employees 5 books per week.
Renewable for another week unless needed by another researcher
Faculty on probation 2 books per week.
Renewable for another week unless needed by another researcher
3.2. Reserve Books
Students / Faculty/ Admin / Employees 1 book for overnight use.
Can be borrowed from 2 pm and must be returned at 9 am of the following school day

3.3  Reference/Filipiniana/Periodicals

     •  For room use only but can be borrowed for a maximum of 30 minutes for photocopying.

3.4  Non-Print materials

     •  For room use only but can be borrowed by faculty members. For classroom viewing and to be returned within the day.

3.5  Theses/Dissertation

     •  For room use only.

3.6  Archival materials

     •  For room use only.


1. Reserve books Php 10.00 per HOUR, or fractions thereof for the first day (computed up to closing) and Php 10.00 for each succeeding day including Saturdays, Sunday and holidays thereafter.
2. Circulation books Php 10.00 per dayof delay including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
3. Elementary/Secondary Laboratory School Library Php 5.00 per day, counting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


  •  Any lost book should be replaced by the same or later edition of the same title of the original book and the corresponding fine must be paid. If replacement is not possible, a recent book with the same subject content may be substituted and the corresponding fine must be paid.

5. Two weeks before the final examinations, all books shall be for room use only .

6. Reader's services shall cease 15 minutes before the indicated closing time to enable the library staff to put their area in order for the next day's operation.


  •  This is secured by all faculty members every end of a semester/summer, by all regular employees wholl will be on leave for a month or a longer period, and by all students when they apply for their academic documents .

8. In units where an open-shelf system is adopted, library users are required to deposit their personal things, except money and valuables, at the baggage/control counters.

9. Writing on the books, wall, tables, chairs and other furniture and equipment inside and out of the library is prohibited.

10. Tearing off of pages or mutilation of books/periodicals is striclty prohibited.

11. Removal of library materials or property from the library premises is prohibited .

12. Reservation of seats is not allowed. Anything left on the tables for this purpose shall be removed to make room for other readers.

13. Eating, smoking, drinking, littering, loud talking and loitering inside the library are strictly prohibited..

14. All cell phones and other electronic gadgets are required to be on silent mode while inside the library .