Library System - Periodicals and Filipiniana

Library System

Periodicals and Filipiniana Section
(Fourth Floor, POD-CIT Bldg.)

The fourth floor is shared by the Periodicals and the Filipiniana Sections. There are 12 OPAC terminals on this floor. Clients have both bibliographic and full text access to hundreds of foreign serials through CD-ROMS and online databases of electronic journals, which are available in a multimedia room. Articles can be printed upon request. Back issues of selected journals and newspapers are also available in microfiche or microfilm, with readers and printers provided for access.

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The Filipiniana Section collects and services materials about the Philippines, its people, history, art and culture whether published locally or abroad and works written by Filipinos. A special feature is an inner court garden. This floor can seat 120 persons.

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Garden at the 4th Floor POD-CIT Bldg.

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