Office of Research Coordination (ORC)

Office of Research Coordination (ORC)


The ORC was an offshoot of the reorganization of the UE Research and Development Center (UERDC) which was created on March 31, 1995 . Its formation arose from the need for studies that will serve as basis for institutional policy formulation/policy evaluation. Among its functions are:

  1. to coordinate and keep up-to-date information of the different colleges and their respective faculty members regarding completed, ongoing and planned research studies;
  2. to serve as a clearing office for UE research studies/research reports and other related matters;
  3. to extend technical assistance to ongoing and planned research studies;
  4. to organize in-house Research Training Institutes for the faculty and academic personnel;
  5. to undertake institutional policy studies;
  6. to publish a University Research Bulletin featuring completed and ongoing college/faculty researches; and
  7. to establish collaborative relationships with the UE Foundation for Research and Advanced Studies, Inc. (UE-FRASI) and other research groups and institutions.


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