Student Affairs Office (SAO)

Student Affairs Office (SAO)


The Student Affairs Office-which has an office in UE Manila and in UE Caloocan- implements University requirements, programs, policies, rules and regulations concerning students' activities and welfare in and off Campus. It handles complaints and problems of students as well as cases against students in coordination with the Board of Discipline (BOD); supervises student organizations and activities and coordinates with outside agencies for out-of-campus student activities.

It likewise handles the issuance of ID cards for students, certification of no record of misbehavior or misconduct, and referrals for employment. The SAO also looks after the interest of the international students in the University.

Services under the SAO


a) Guidance and Counseling Office (GCO)

The GCO sees as its fundamental task the total development of persons for better adjustment to their environment and to society. Lectures, workshops, training and in-service training programs on team-building, interpersonal skills, leadership, stress management and decision-making are provided to students, staff, faculty and employees so that they may evolve into capable, responsible and productive human beings. Clients are helped to be more objective and realistic through psychological testing and counseling. They are also helped to set career goals and to identify the means to achieve them through career planning and career pathing to match their personal goals and opportunities to the needs of the times.

b) Health Services


The Medical and Dental Clinics service the basic medical and dental needs of the University constituents. Both clinics offer free consultation and free starter doses of medicine and make referrals to the UE Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) for cases warranting further evaluation and treatment. They also provide several health programs, such as Hepatitis B vaccination at cost and BCG vaccination for free, and patient education through the medical and dental bulletin boards. Patients referred to the UERMMMC are treated for free.

If admission is warranted, each student-patient is entitled to seven (7) days confinement inclusive of medicines and the necessary laboratory tests. The Medical and Dental Clinics in Manila and Caloocan are under the supervision and management of the University Health Service of UERMMMC.

c) Religious Services


The University Chapel is open to all University constituents. Two Holy Masses are held daily. Special Eucharistic celebrations are likewise held during feast days and other occasions. Recollections, retreats and lectures on moral and spiritual values are provided all year round. Activities of other religious groups and denominations are monitored ecumenically. Spiritual guidance is extended to anybody at all times.

d) Job Placement

Job placement services are available to students and alumni through the Colleges, the Alumni Association and the Student Affairs Office.

Contact Details

Student Affairs Office: (632) 735-54-71 loc 353