Graduate School

Graduate School

gsThe University of the East Graduate School first started with the organization of the Graduate School of Business followed later by the Graduate School of Education.

The Graduate School of Business was organized in 1948 in response to the clamor of accounting graduates of UE for a graduate degree. The first program offered was a one-year Master’s degree course in accounting which was later superseded by two-year programs in Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Arts in Economics (MA Economics). This curricular change aimed at meeting the increasing demand for trained professionals in business and industry as well as in developing well-equipped and intellectual leaders in this profession. Later the degree programs in MBA for executives and MBA for practitioners were instituted.

On the other hand, the Graduate School of Education, which was established in 1963, primarily aimed to develop high scholarship and leadership in the field of teacher education.

With the influx of students from all over the country as well as foreign students from neighboring nations, the two Graduate Schools reached the peak of their popularity in the 1970s, thus, turning that decade into their "golden age".

In 1982, the two graduate schools were merged into one with Dr. Milda L. Ang as its first Dean. The merger led to a centralized Graduate School unit in the University under the leadership of succeeding Deans, namely, Dr. Isidro Cariño, Dr. Arturo Trinidad, Dr. Rosario Lamug, Dr. Teresita Pascual, Dr. Josefina R. Cortes, Dr. Rosario E. Maminta, Dr. Danilo M. Yanga, Dr. John S. Bala, Dr. Evelina M. Vicencio and Dr. Avelina A. de la Rea.


Graduate School Deans are well-chosen. Dr. Josefina R. Cortes was an expert in development education with a Ph.D. from Stanford University and later became the President of the University. Dr. Rosario E. Maminta, a specialist in Applied Linguistics trained at UCLA, USA and University of British Columbia in Canada, was a former Commissioner of the National Language Commission and an Outstanding UP alumna in 1986. A respected physicist and holder of a Ph.D. in Physics, Dr. Danilo M. Yanga is a former Dean of the College of Science at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. He was followed by Dr. John S. Bala, a respected figure in the accountancy profession and industry; a former Consulting and Financial Advisory Partner of a Big 4 accounting firm, he was also Vice Chairman of the Philippine Board of Accountancy and a holder of a Ph.D. in Commerce and was awarded Outstanding CPA in Education by the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1992.

Dr. Evelina M. Vicencio is a Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines in 1988 and finished her Ph.D. at the University of the Philippines with the Most Outstanding Dissertation award. At present, she is the President and Member of the Board of Advisers of Metrobank Foundation, Inc. and a Member of the Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators, Inc. (NOTED) Honor Society.

The present UE Graduate School Dean is Dr. Avelina A. de la Rea, a UE alumna and a former Commissioner of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), a regulatory and policy making body with administrative supervision over 43 professional regulatory boards. She was granted the Special Recognition Award by the UE Alumni Association in 2005, the Alumni Achiever Award by the University of the East in 2006 and Distinguished Service Award by the PRC upon her retirement in 2007. She received an award for Outstanding CPA in Government Service in 2000 from the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) and Most Outstanding GACPA Officer from the Government Association of CPA's (GACPA) in 1998. Finishing her Ph.D. in Public Administration in 1989 at the University of Southern California (USC) with a GPA of 3.93 out of a possible 4.0, she was elected member by the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, USC Chapter. She has authored a book on government auditing and several articles on her profession.

At present, the UE Graduate School offers degree programs in Business, Teacher Education, Public Administration, Library Science and Environmental Science, Construction Management, and Information Management.


The UE Graduate School aims to produce creative, competent, globally competitive and morally upright graduates with a strong commitment to serve and contribute to the attainment of a just, humane and progressive society within the context of technological advancement and the internationalization of standards and practices.


  • To widen perspectives and deepen knowledge through scholarly and creative endeavors;
  • To educate and train high-level manpower for teaching, research and service in government, industry and other sectors of society;
  • To develop analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills; and
  • To foster the search for truth and the transmission and use of knowledge through scientific and systematic methods.


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  Majors: Financial Management,
             Human Resource Management,
             Marketing Management,
             Operations and Supply Chain Management

Master in Business Administration (MBA)
   • Executive Program (Non -Thesis)
   • Regular Program (With Thesis)
  Majors: Entrepreneurship,
Financial Management,
Human Resource Management,
Marketing Management ,
Operations and Supply Chain Management

   • Regular Program (Non-Thesis)
  Majors: Entrepreneurship,
Financial Management,
Human Resource Management,
Marketing Management ,
Operations and Supply Chain Management

   • Tourism and Hospitality Management
   Majors: Regular Program (Thesis)
Regular Program (Non-Thesis) ,
Executive Program (Non-Thesis) ,
Certificate Program (6 months, with Practicum)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
   • Plan A (With Thesis)
   • Plan B (Non-Thesis with Major)
  Majors: Human Resource Management ,
Fiscal Administration,
Public Policy and
Program Administration
Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM)
   • Master of Science in Construction Management, Executive, (Non-Thesis Program)
   • Master of Science in Construction Management, Regular, (Thesis Program)
Master in Education (MEd)
  Major in Biological Science,
Physical Education
Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)
  Major in Educational Administration,
English as a Second Language,
Guidance and Counseling

Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)

Master in Environmental Science (MSES)
  Major in Environmental Science
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
  Major in Educational Administration and Leadership

Master of Engineering Science (MES)

Master of Science in Dentistry (MScD)
  With specialization in Orthodontics,

Master of Information Management (MIM)
   In coordination with the College of Computer Studies and Systems



In addition to regular classes that are traditionally conducted on-campus, the UE Graduate School is offering blended learning as an alternative for executives, businessmen and professionals who wish to pursue a graduate degree but are unable to do so because of their busy schedule and/or distant location. Blended learning requires only five in-class sessions including mid-term and final examinations and conducts other classes online. This will be allowed upon the request of enrollees provided the number of applicants is at least five for the pure blended learning approach. Fewer students who wish to avail of the blended learning approach and can meet the minimum five in-class sessions as scheduled by the faculty can join regular classes through blended learning-provided that a written request is submitted with final approval by the UE Manila Chancellor during the official enrollment period.

The tuition fee for courses delivered via blended type of learning shall have a premium of 50% over that of the tuition for regular classes. This added tuition will be used to compensate the professor for the extra time spent in developing the course materials and uploading them, checking course requirements submitted online, communicating with students online, et cetera.


The UE Graduate School faculty consists of industry experts and high-ranking practitioners in government and international organizations. Many of them also teach in some of the other best universities in Metro Manila. However, in today's complex and technologically advanced environment, the GS is retooling its faculty to enhance their competencies to use multimedia as an effective tool in facilitating learning, designed to produce globally competitive graduates of master of arts and doctoral degrees.


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Direct Line: (632) 735-85-32