Department of Physical Education - Goals and Objectives

The Goals and Objectives of the Department

  1. To advance learning through physical education exposure and participation in various sports and physical fitness activities.

  2. To teach the value of achieving good health through regular exercise, sports and other physical activities.

  3. To develop ideal and positive character through constant observance of the following traits in all physical education activities: sportsmanship, discipline, honesty, fairness, cooperation and healthy competition;

  4. To help in the promotion and preservation of the Philippine indigenous games, sports and dance for better appreciation of Philippine culture and tradition;

  5. To take leadership qualities in all of the sports activities of the University of the East;  

  6. To help the University, through its quality and relevant Physical Education curriculum, produce graduates who are self-reliant, nationalistic, healthy and globally competitive.

Contact Details

Department of Physical Education: (632) 735-54-71 loc 352
Direct Line: (632) 735-85-50