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Department of Physical Education

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Department of Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education of the University of the East is committed to educating the whole person by offering a variety of programs reflecting that commitment. Our goal is to contribute to the physical, social, mental and emotional well-being of students, thereby enriching the total learning experiences. Exercise increases physical energy, mental alertness and self-confidence, and is believed to help foster creativity.

With these in mind, the UE Physical Education (PE) Program is designed to help students pursue meaningful activities. The program emphasizes active participation and enjoyment in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Four Physical Education subject are required by the Commission on Higher Education for College students, ideally to be completed within the first two years of college life. Likewise, the Secondary Level students have to finish a PE program in four years’ time, as mandated by the Department of Education (DECS Order No. 9 series 1990).

We at the UE Department of Physical Education always look forward to teaching the importance of personal responsibility, team work, good sportsmanship and total physical fitness. With our diverse curriculum, students can learn to make good choices and create fitness habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.


The Mission-Vision of the UE Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education aims to provide quality, diversified, relevant and co-educational physical activities and sports programs to every student consistent with the mission and vision of the University, and to make significant contributions to the holistic and balanced development of the youth.

The Goals and Objectives of the Department

  1. To advance learning through physical education exposure and participation in various sports and physical fitness activities.
  2. To teach the value of achieving good health through regular exercise, sports and other physical activities.
  3. To develop ideal and positive character through constant observance of the following traits in all physical education activities: sportsmanship, discipline, honesty, fairness, cooperation and healthy competition;
  4. To help in the promotion and preservation of the Philippine indigenous games, sports and dance for better appreciation of Philippine culture and tradition;
  5. To take leadership qualities in all of the sports activities of the University of the East;  
  6. To help the University, through its quality and relevant Physical Education curriculum, produce graduates who are self-reliant, nationalistic, healthy and globally competitive.

A Brief History of the UE Department of Physical Education

The UE Department of Physical Education was organized almost simultaneously with the Philippine College of Commerce and Business Administration (PCCBA), the nucleus of the University.

The Department started with Ms. Maggie Shea as a part-time instructor. Ms. Shea then left for abroad on a Fulbright grant. Upon her return two years later, after obtaining a graduate degree in physical education, she was appointed as UE’s Assistant PE Director. In this capacity, she has been primarily responsible for developing the physical education curriculum to its present state and, with the encouragement of Dean Gabriel Mañalac of the College of Education, she introduced physical education as a major field.

The directorship changed hands in 1949, with Mr. Pedro Villanueva replacing Mr. Cristobal, and later on, in 1964, when the incumbent director Mr. Virgilio Dalupan took over upon the retirement of Mr. Villanueva.

While credit for the development of the curriculum goes to Ms. Shea, Dir. Dalupan is credited with having worked for the standardization of the instructors’ salaries and for the improvement of the PE facilities. From an old gymnasium-auditorium which housed the PE classes, the Department moved to a five-storey building at a cost of P1.0 million. The ground floor provides classrooms for health classes and a dance studio. The third and fourth floors house the PE classes for women, while the second and fifth floors house the PE classes for men.

The Department, at present, services an average of 20,000 students every semester.

UE has long made a name for itself in sports.

The UE men’s basketball team got its first UAAP championship title in 1956, with Mr. Dalupan as coach. The crowning glory of the team came in 1963 when UE won the El Oro Trophy by winning the UAAP basketball championship for three consecutive years. From then on, the University has won in most athletic competitions.

In 1953, Ms. Shea initiated the organization of the UE Dance Troupe with the end in view of propagating Philippine culture through dance. The Troupe has gone to Formosa as an ambassador of goodwill. Mrs. Corazon Iñigo was later appointed UE Dance Troupe director in 1967. The Troupe performed during the Philippine Day at Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan, on the invitation of then First Lady Imelda Marcos.

The record of the Varsity Men’s Basketball Team in the UAAP Meet from 1955-56 to 1970-71 is as follows:

1955-56: 4th Place — Mr. Gabby Fajardo, Coach
1956-57: 2nd Place
1957-58: 1st Place
1958-59: 1st Place
1959-60: 2nd Place
1960-61: 1st Place
1961-62: 4th Place
1962-63: 1st Place
1963-64: 1st Place — Mr. Virgilio Dalupan, Coach
1964-65: 3rd Place
1965-66: 1st Place
1966-67: 1st Place
1967-68: 1st Place
1968-69: 2nd Place
1969-70: 1st Place
1970-71: 1st Place
1969-70: 1st Place — Intercollegiate Basketball Championship

The Leaders of the UE Department of Physical Education Through the Years
(Each assuming the title of Director or Assistant Director-Officer in Charge)

            Mr. Pedro D. Villanueva (1947 - 1964)
            Mr. Virgilio A. Dalupan (1964 - 1986)
            Mrs. Eloisa A. De Leon (1986 - 1994)
            Mr. Benjamin A. Castillo (1994 - March 18, 1997)
            Mrs. Luz S. Sta. Ana (1997 - 2005)
            Mr. Rolando M. Perez (2005 - 2009)
            Mr. Rodrigo M. Roque (2009 to present)

Contact Details

Department of Physical Education: (632) 735-54-71 loc 352
Direct Line: (632) 735-85-50