Courses Offered in UERM Campus

Courses Offered in UERM Campus

UERM Memorial Medical Center


College of Medicine

admissions office(PAASCU Level II Accredited, Innovative Curriculum; Recognized as a Center of Excellence in
Research by the Department of Science and Technology )

Doctor of Medicine

College of Nursing

(PAASCU Level III Accredited)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

College of Physical Therapy

(PAASCU Level I Accredited)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Graduate School

admissions office Master of Science in Nursing

Master of Science in Public Health
   Health Facility Management,

Master of Science in Clinical Medicine
   Reproductive Health,

Master of Science in Internal Medicine

Diploma Course in Diabetes Studies

Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN):
Thesis and Non-Thesis Programs
   Nursing Service,
   Nursing Education Administration

Master of Science in Asian Health Practices (MSAHP)

Master of Science in Tropical Medicine (MSTM)

Master in Health Science Education (MHSE)

Contact Details

Trunk Line No. (632) 715-0861 
Admissions Office: (632) 713-3315
email :

College of Medicine
(632) 713-3302

College of Nursing
(632) 713-3308

College of Physical Therapy
(632) 713-3312

Graduate School
(632) 715-8165

Registrar’s Office
(632) 713-3312