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 The Guidance and Counseling Office sees as its fundamental task the development of the total person for better adjustment to his/her environment and to society; thus, it does not only assist the school in creating a climate for intellectual development but also provides services for the optimum development of the individual.

Moreover it envisions to provide opportunities for students personal integration, academic excellence and professional advancement; thus paving the way for community awareness and involvement, propagation of cultural values, and responsiveness to social problems which will bring about strengthened national identity.

It offers Orientation for freshmen, Individualized Student Records, Testing and Placement, Counseling, Group Guidance, Consultation and Referral. Enrichment and Career Guidance Programs which are designed and implemented to further assist studentsí holistic development.

Come and visit them at the Ground Floor of the SFC Building

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Whatever you are feeling or thinking and seemingly no one wants to listen...

Your Counselors CARE!

Feeling burdened or anxious and seemingly no one wants to listen...

Your Counselors CARE!

Come and visit them at the Guidance and Counseling Office

Ground Floor, SFC Bldg.

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