Vol 18 / No 4 / July-August 2009 / ISSN 0118-3931

EHSD Graduation speech

This was the Commencement Speech by Dr. ARNEL SOLIMAN RODRIGUEZ,
at the commencement rites of the Elementary and High School Department in UE Caloocan on
March 31, 2009, 4 p.m., at the UE Caloocan Field. Dr. Rodriguez, a member of the
Board of Examiners of Pfizer Philippines and an attending physician at the
Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Tala, Caloocan City, is a UE alumnus.


I feel deeply honoured for having been chosen as your guest speaker.

When I graduated high school from this University, I remember delivering the opening remarks. Now I’m back as your guest speaker.

But you see, ladies and gentlemen, this is a very special occasion for me, because my son Kevin—Kevin Christopher Y. Rodriguez—is graduating as your High School Valedictorian. I am very proud of him.

Graduation days bring happiness and joy to the graduates and their teachers, and a higher degree of joy and happiness to their parents, brothers, sisters and relatives.

Some of you may be wondering why graduation ceremonies are also called commencement exercises. It means the beginning of another or something else, something new.

Elementary to High School…

...High School to College

I’m sure many of you will agree that the most memorable days in our student life is when we are in high school. There is this spirit of considerable get-togetherness—may ligawan, may nagkatuluyan. But please concentrate on your studies first.

They say that education is the complete, harmonious development of all the physical, mental and moral faculties of a person.

During graduation, the end product is not the medal. It is not even the diploma. It is the totality of you, the son or the daughter, if you have learned to be responsible, God-fearing, know your duties and responsibilities to the community and other people, and become better members of our society. That is the end product of graduation.

To you, my dear Elementary graduates: Always study hard; medyo marami at kumplikado ang inyong pag-aaral sa High School. I hope all of you will enroll here. Do not disappoint your parents and teachers.

To you, my dear High School graduates: Always think positive, never give up. Always aspire for excellence. Huwag ninyong kalimutan ang sakripisyo ng inyong mga magulang. Huwag ninyong sayangin ang panahon; time is gold.

After graduation, you must remember that this is not the end. If it were so, this graduation that we are witnessing tonight should have been called termination exercises, instead of commencement exercises. Education should be a continuing process. You must continue to read and think to develop your faculties and attitudes. Always remember that as you progress in wisdom and skills, our country and people shall progress with you.

Very soon, you will take a step to a new arena. Can you conquer it triumphantly? Of course, with the values embedded by your teachers and mentors as your valuable weapons, you can do it!

You must be confident; whatever the future has in store for you, I know you will eventually achieve your goals. Again, congratulations, and thank you.


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