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In the recently concluded 2005-06 school year, the Library’s collection of books stood at 220,262 volumes.  A total of 4,004 volumes of books were acquired through purchases and a few titles received as gifts/donations.  Here are some books we acquired:

Cabrera, Ma. Elenita Balatbat. Applied auditing: Based on Philippines Standards on Auditing (PSA)/ International Standards on Auditing (ISA). 2006 ed. c2006; Auditing Problems: CPA Reviewer. 2006 ed. c2006; Financial Accounting and Reporting: Theory and Practice. 2006 ed. c2006; Management Accounting: Concepts and Applications. 2005 ed. c2005; Management Consultancy: Principles and Engagements. 2006 ed. c2006; Principles of Auditing and Other Assurance
. 2006 ed. c2006.

Compilation of Philippine Standards on Auditing (PSAs) Philippine Accountancy Act of 2004 (R.A. 9298) Implementing Rules and Regulations to R.A. 9298 Code of Ethics for a Professional Accountants in the Philippines. 2006 ed. 2006.

De Leon, Guillermo M. Cost Accounting. 2005 ed. c2005; Practical Accounting 2. 2006 ed. 2006.

Guerrero, Pedro P. Advanced Accounting: A Procedural Approach. 2006 ed. 2005.

Padilla, Nicanor B. Financial Accounting: Theory of Accounts: Text & Reviewer. c2005.

Robles, Nenita S. Intermediate Accounting. 2005 ed. c2005.

Roque, Gerardo S. Auditing Problems: CPA Examination Reviewer: Based on Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS) Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PERS). 2nd ed. 2006.

Uberita, Conrado O. Practical Accounting I: CPA Reviewer. 2006 ed. c2005.

Valix, Conrado T. Practical Accounting I. 2006 rev. ed. c2006; Financial Accounting. 2006 ed. c2006.

Vicente, Ma. Violeta Viray. Accounting for Partnership Corporation. 2006 ed. c2006.

Civil Engineering
Arya, Chanakya. Design of Structural Elements: Concrete, Steelwork, Masonry and Timber Design to British Standards and Eurocodes. 2nd ed. 2005.
Earthquake Engineering Handbook. c2003.

Zalka, Karoly A. Global Structural Analysis of Buildings. c2000.

Agrarian Reform, Cooperative, and Taxation. c2004.

Ampongan, Omar Erasmo G. CPA Reviewer in Taxation. c2006; Principles and Law on Income Taxation. 4th ed. c2004; Transfer & Business Taxes. c2006.

Reyes, Virgilio D. Philippine Transfer and Business Taxes (Principles, Law and Problems) A New Approach. c2005; Quizzer in Taxation (for CPA Examination Reviewees). c2005.

Shutt, Harry A. New Democracy: Alternatives to a Bankrupt World Order. c2002.

Sison, Ma. Jose. Ekonomiya at Pulitika ng Pilipinas. c2003.

Valencia, Edwin G. Transfer and business Taxation: Principles and Laws with Accounting Applications. 3rd ed. c2006; Income Taxation: Principles and Laws with Accounting Applications. 2005-2006 ed. c2005.

Elementary / High School Collections

Agdamag Colonel, Jose V. 150 Days of Hell: Japanese Invasion of the Philippines (8 December 1941 – 6 May 1942). c2003.

Alviar, Herminia E. The World of Work 5: A Worktext in Home Economics and Livelihood Education for Grade 5. c2005.

Andin, Carmen Tabije. Dance Education in the School Curriculum. c2004.

Austen, Jane. MansfieldPark. c2001.

Banlaygas, Emilia L. Pananaw: Pagbasa 6. c2005.

Banlaygas, Emilia L. Komunikasyon: Worktext sa Filipino para sa Ikalimang Baitang. c2005.

Basbas, Leonora David. The New Living and Learning in Home Economics: Worktext in Home Economics and Livelihood Education 5. 2005.

Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan. c2003.

Blackmore, R.D. Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoore. c2001.

Chua, Queena N. Lee. Helping our Children Do Well in School: 10 Successful Strategies from the Parents’ Best Practices Study of the Ateneo de Manila High School. c2004.

The Concise Science Encyclopedia. c2001.

Corpuz, O.D. Saga and Triumph: The Filipino Revolution Against Spain. c2002.

Cortez, Milagros T. The Power of Speech: Textbook in Speech for ThirdYearHigh School. 2004.

De Mesa, Revimar L. Tekstong patnubay sa pag-aaral ng Ibong Adarna. c2002.

English Grammar for ESL Learners: Practice Makes Perfect. 2005.

Fallaria, Rebecca R. Science Spectrum: Worktext in Science and Health for Elementary. 2005.

Farndon, John. 1000 Facts on Science and Technology. c2001.

40 Elocution Pieces for Speech Training. 2005.

Graham, Ian. Space. c2000.

Gureng, Paulino T. Foundations and Applications III: Geometry: Worktext in Mathematics for the Third Year High School. c2001.

Heroes Who Changed the World.  c2000.

Hilarious Animal Tales. c2005.

Jimenez, Rocelle N. Likha at Musika: Workteks sa Musika, Sining at EdukasyongPangkatawanI. (MSEP). c2004.

Joaquin, Nick. Cave and Shadows. c2003.

King, Jenny. Great and Famous Filipinos. 2nd ed. c2002.

Leuterio, Florida C. Technology & Livelihood Education for Sustainable Development: First Year. c2005.

Llarena, Melody Grace A. The Power of Speech: Textbook in Speech for FourthYearHigh School.  c2004.

Lopez, Lorna Fe P. The Dynamic Teeners of the 21st Century: A Worktext in Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health (MAPEH) for SecondYearHigh School.  c2005.

Mendoza, Perlita M.Villangca. Mga Pabula: Ikatlong Aklat. c2004.

Ongsotto, Rebecca Ramilo. Asian History Module-based Learning II.  2004.; Economics : Module–based Learning IV. 2004.; World History Module–based Learning III. 2003.

Options III (Speech Communication and Creative Expression). c2005.

Pananaw: Pagbasa 5. c2005.

Punsalan, Twila Gaerlan. Sa Mahal Kong Bayan: Batayang Aklat sa Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga III.  2005.

Ramos, Aurelio P. Foundations and Applications IV: Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry. 2002.

Rivera, Crisanto C. Rizal: Ang Bayani at Guro. c2003.

Santos, Gil Nonato C. E–chemistry: The Next Generation: Science and Technology III. 2004; E-physics: The Next Generation: Science and Technology IV. c2004.

Sehgal, Nancy. Let’s Log In: Tech is Easy! c2003.

Shaffer, Lawrence. How to Write Better English. c2005.

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver’s Travels. c2003.

Tesalona, Josephine M. Tech is Easy: Migrating to the E–classroom. c2003.

Tolentino, Francisca Reyes. Philippine National Dances. 2004.

The True Story of Pocahontas. c2003.

Warsaw of Asia: The Rape of Manila. c2001.

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged. c2002.

Whizkids Computer Literacy Program: Worktext in Computer Skills for Grade Three. c2004.

Fine Arts

Fishel; Catherine. Redesigning Identity: Graphic Design Strategies for Success. c2000.

Flick, Gert-Rudolf. Missing Masterpieces: Lost Works of Art 1450-1900. c2003.

Guerrero, Ma. Amadis. Amadeo Y. Manalad: History’s Muralist. c2003.

Geography & History

Agoncillo, Teodoro A. The Fateful Years: Japan’s Adventure in the Philippines, 1941-45. 2001.

Couttie, Bob. Hang the Dogs: The True Tragic History of the Balangiga Massacre. c2004.

Ileto, Reynaldo C. Filipinos and Their Revolution: Events, Discourse, and Historiography. c2003.

Medina, Isagani R. Cavite Before the Revolution (1571-1896). c2002.

Language & Literature

Laya, Jaime C. Letras y Figuras. c2001.

Santiago, Alfonso O. Sining ng Pagsasaling Wika (sa Filipino Mula sa Inglish) 3rd ed. c2003.


Abad, Antonio H. Compendium on Labor. c2004.

Albano, Ed Vincent S. Legal and Judicial Ethics: (With Legal and Judicial Forms). c2004; Political Law Reviewer. c2004.

Bernas, Joaquin G. The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines: A Commentary. c2003.

Boado, Leonor D. Notes and Cases on the Revised Penal Code (Act no. 3815 as Amended). c2004.

Dascil, Rodelio T. Threshold to the Legal Profession: An Introduction to Law. c2004.

De Leon, Hector S. Philippine Constitutional Law: Principles and Cases. c2004; The Philippine Negotiable Instruments Law (and Allied Laws) Annotated. 2004 ed. c2004.

Herrera, Oscar M. Handbook on Custodial Investigation. c2003.

Medrano, Gilbert U. Political Law: Provisions and Doctrines. c2004.

Mison, Siegfred B. Wills and Succession: Explained and Simplified. c2005.

National Internal Revenue Code: Tax Reform Act of 1997 Republic Act 8424 Revenue Regulations. 2005 ed. 2005.

Panganiban, Artemio V. Reforming the Judiciary. c2002.

Supreme Court Report Annotated Quick Index – Digest . c2004.

Tamano, Adel A. Handbook on Impeachment Under the 1987 Constitution. c2004.

Tupaz, Antonio R. Constitutional Law Reviewer (Problems and Answers). c2005.

University of the Philippines. Law Complex. Answers to Bar Examination Questions in Taxation (1991-2003). 2004. 

The Virginia M. Diaz Reader. c2001.



Agamata, Franklin T. Reviewer in Management Advisory Services. 2006 ed. c2006.

Roque, Rodelio S. Reviewer in Management Advisory Services. 2005 ed. c2005.



Child, John Essential skills: Photographic Lighting. 2nd ed. c2002.

Social Sciences

Compilation of Statistics on the Performance of Schools in Various Licensure Examinations 2003. 2003.

El Comedor: Meals and Memories. c2004.

Intercultural Relations, Cultural Transformation, and Identity: The Ethnic Chinese. c2000.

Peralta, Jesus T. Glimpses: Peoples of the Philippines. c2003.