vol # / no # / DEC 2007 / issn 0118-3931

The College of Engineering-Caloocan’s 61st Foundation Anniversary Highlights





The College of Engineering of the Caloocan Campus shared its joy in celebrating UE’s first year of its “senior status.” Through the years, every foundation week or period, the College would prepare activities that involve the entire College community.  Committees are formed to plan the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Members of these committees are practically composed of College officials, department chairs, faculty members, employees/staff members, and students. There are activities intended to involve future UE enrollees (i.e., high school seniors) as participants or guests. 
Almost always, the activities are started with a Thanksgiving Mass officiated by the UE Caloocan Chaplain, Fr. Vino Faminialagao. Last September 24 (Monday), the Thanksgiving Mass was held at the Ground Floor Lobby of the TYK Academic Building starting at 8 a.m. Many other activities followed. Loudspeakers were installed here and there. Thanks to Engr. Dindo Latonio, the Electrical Engineering faculty member who chaired the Committee on Booth Rentals and Management, for these made the celebration livelier. With the help of the student leaders, a total of 36 concessionaires were invited, generating a total income of P47,000. Sixty percent of this amount was distributed to the recognized student organizations that recruited or endorsed the concessionaires. The remaining 40% or P18,800 was the income derived by the Committee, which was used to sponsor some of the activities with no budget.
This year’s anniversary theme, “Empowerment through Glocalization,” emboldened the College of Engineering community to prepare more activities to prove its empowerment strength and readiness not only on a local scale but also globally. The celebration was highlighted with many engineering-related activities where students practically applied their knowledge learned from this University, in addition to their exercise of their leadership and/or participation as members of the committees formed. 
Sept. 24, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., was the schedule of the Inter-School Bridge Building Competition, held at MPH1 at the 3rd Floor of the Engineering Building. This activity was spearheaded by the ACES-PICE (Association of Civil Engineering Students-Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers) student chapter, with Mr. Norris Del Mundo as the Committee Chair of the activity. All of the ACES-PICE officers, headed by its President, Mr. Dondon Maguddatu, did the hard work of preparing the mechanics of the competition, inviting the school participants up to soliciting the prizes and overseeing the conduct of the competition. Among the 14 school participants, it was Rizal Technological University (RTU) who was declared Champion; UP Diliman was 1st Runner-Up; Central Luzon State University was 2nd Runner-Up; and the Technological Institute of the Philippines-Quezon City was 3rd Runner-Up. They received prizes of P6,000 and a trophy; P3,000 and a trophy; P2,000 and a trophy; and P1,000, respectively. All participants received a certificate of participation. The ACES-PICE sponsored other activities during the weeklong celebration, such as the “Spelling Bee,” “Intra-Bridge Building Competition,” “Pa-CE-katan” and “CE Night,” in which CE students of the Caloocan and Manila Campuses participated. Other activities exclusively for CE students of Caloocan were a Film Showing on Structural Failure and Disaster Preparedness; to promote bonding and camaraderie, there was also the “Palarong Pang-CE.” The activities were supervised by the ACES-PICE Adviser with the help of the other CE faculty members including Engr. Illescas, Dr. Limeta, Engr. Mendoza, Engr. Viray and Engr. Penafiel.
The “Engineering Exhibits 2007,” with the theme “Synergy of Engineering and Technology through Local & Global Innovations,” was formally opened on Sept. 25, 2007 at 10 a.m. Different unit heads, faculty members and students were present as guests. Dean Rogelio B. Aniez Jr. headed the ribbon-cutting. This activity was participated in by 10 Engineering student organizations: ENSC, ACES-PICE, AEES, CoESS, EHS, IEEE-UESB, IECEP, LITS, PICS and PSME. Each organization prepared a project highlighting the criteria set by the Committee related to the theme. Three categories were set for judging: Most Creative, Most Innovative, and Social Relevance. Of the 10 competing exhibits, the IEEE-UUSB ranked first in all the categories and was thus declared Champion during the awarding ceremony held at the Briefing Room of the Engineering Building on September 28 at 11 a.m. IEEE-UESB received a total cash prize of P6,000. The judges were composed of Engr. Illescas, CE; Engr. Marcos, ME; Engr. Latonio, EE; Engr. Derro, ECE; Mrs. Sim, CpE; Mr. De Guzman, IT; and Mr. Edwin De Guzman of Hytec Powers Inc. All participants were given a certificate of participation. The Chair of the Committee on Exhibits 2007, Engr. Angelita Guia, extended her gratitude to all, especially the Faculty Advisers of the organizations who shared their time, talent and treasure in making the activity a success. Students from different colleges outside UE, including some elementary and high school students, visited our exhibits.
Also on Sept. 25, the Inter-High School Math & Science competition—“Palig-Science” (8 am.-12 p.m.) and the “Battle of the Math Wizards (BMW)” (1-5 p.m.) was held at the MPH1. The Engineering Honor Society (EHS) officers headed by its President, Mr. Lanzell Peñalosa, organized the activity, under the supervision of the Committee Chair, Engr. Miriam Borja, an ECE faculty member. The primary aim of this contest was to attract high school students who belong to the top 10 of their schools to enroll into the College. There were 13 teams from 11 high schools represented in “Palig-Science” contest and 15 teams from the same high schools joined “BMW.” For “Palig-Science,” Teams A and B of the Quezon City Science High School were the Champion and 1st Runner-up, respectively; the team from Manila Central University was the 2nd Runner-up. For the “BMW,” Teams B and A from Quezon City Science High School were the Champion and 1st Runner-up, respectively; the team from Bagong Barrio National High School was the 2nd Runner-up. All the winners received trophies, medals, certificates and/or tokens (such as UE pins and fans). All participating schools received a certificate of participation. All the expenses incurred were sponsored by the EHS. We salute the effort exerted by the EHS officers.
A most awaited event was also scheduled in the evening of September 25: “Engineering Rocks 5 — Blast from the Past,” which was held at the UE Caloocan Stage from 6 to 9 p.m. This was a battle of the bands featuring current UE Caloocan students blazing with musical talent. Ms. KC Asuncion, a 5th-year CE student, was the executive producer of the activity, which was fully supported by the Engineering Student Council (ENSC), headed by its President, Mr. Ricardo Domingo Jr. Among the 13 registrants, only 11 were able to perform due to time constraints. The band 3s Passing was declared Champion; the band Tightgrip, 1st Runner-up; and Ejected City Officials, 2nd Runner-up. Winners received trophies of large, medium and small sizes, respectively. The judges were popular rock stars such as Miggy Chavez of Chicosci, Voltaire Del Rosario of Valley of Chrome, Niles of Angulo, Macoy Estacio of April Morning Skies, and Alvin Cruz of Slurpee. KC apologized to the other bands who were not accommodated due to the set deadline in registration. The ENSC Officers deserve salutation for their full support not only to this event but also in supporting the SINES (Students of Industrial Engineering Society) in the conduct of contests on Sept. 27 to 28. The organizers would like to extend gratitude to the University for sponsoring the mobile.
September 26 (Wed.) was significant for the entire UE community due to the UElympics held at the UE Caloocan open field. Fun games were organized.  The College of Engineering-Caloocan got the 2nd place from among the Colleges of both Campuses who joined. Participating were UE officials, faculty members, employees and students. 
Another significant activity sponsored by the Society of Industrial Engineering Students (SINES) and the Engineering Student Council (ENSC) was held on Sept. 27 and 28 (Thurs. and Fri.): “SINgko Para trES”. This featured a series of contests namely: “Mental Round,” “Cultural Round” and Physical Round.” Winners received medals and certificates of participation. Both the ENSC and the SINES also participated in the Engineering Exhibits 2007.
The “Young Once” of the College of Engineering-Caloocan went to the UE Manila Conference Hall on September 28 to receive their University Service Awards. Mr. Jose T. Cortez, Academic Evaluator II, was awarded Model Rank and File Employee. Mr. Joe Cortez also received a Service Award for 30 years of service to UE. The other Service Awardees who rendered years of service to the University were Engrs. Edgardo V. Cabarios (30 years), Antonio C. Rebong (25) and Ronnie M. Yu (20).
The weeklong celebration made everybody busy. The activities would not have been a success without the leadership of the Steering Committee Chairman, Dr. Rogelio B. Aniez Jr., Dean of the College of Engineering-Caloocan, with the support and cooperation of the other College officials, department chairs, faculty members, employees/staff members, and students.  
With God’s grace, all went well.—Courtesy of the College of Engineering-Caloocan