College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry was first established as a unit of the Philippine College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1948 and was granted government recognition on July 1, 1950.

The Board of Trustees entrusted the deanship of the College to Dr. Casto del Rosario. He was succeeded in 1952 by Dr. Genaro B. Felizardo, an equally able and dedicated educator, having been a faculty member and College Secretary of the UP College of Dentistry.

In July 1964, the College of Dentistry transferred from UE Manila to Quezon City where it shared the campus with the UERMMMC College of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the UE Research Center. This was a fulfillment of the dream of then President and Chairman Dalupan to house the health sciences in one campus.

In 1968, another change in the leadership of the College occurred when Dr. Francisco M. Herbosa assumed the position upon the death of Dr. Felizardo. Dr. Herbosa was the first UE Dental Board topnotcher, a member of class ’50, the first batch of dental graduates of the College. During his term, UE dental graduates began to top the Dentist Licensure Examinations, a remarkable feat which they have done up to the present. Dr. Herbosa also implemented a lot of improvements in the College, such as the expansion of the clinical laboratory and library facilities, faculty and student development programs, as well as curricular upgrading and enrichment.

Upon the retirement of Dr. Herbosa in 1987, Dr. Diampo J. Lim was appointed the fourth Dean of the College. Prior to his assumption of the deanship, Dr. Lim was the Associate Dean and a professor of the College. He has been instrumental in facilitating the Postgraduate Monbusho Scholarship Grant to Japan for deserving faculty members of the College. He was also the first UE recipient and the first Philippine Dental Graduate awarded the said scholarship grant. Under his leadership, the college has established linkages with Schools of Dentistry of three Universities abroad: Aichi-Gakuin University Dental School of Nagoya, Japan; the New York University Dental School; and the College of Dentistry, University of Rennes I, France.

In June 1988, to give way to the University’s plan to add new curricular offerings in the UERM College of Medicine and for the College of Dentistry to be able to expand its facilities in order to keep abreast with new trends and developments in dental medicine, a gradual transfer of the College from the Quezon City Campus to UE Manila campus was initiated. It started with the freshmen dental proper students enrolled in SY 1988-1989 who would hold classes in the new Dental Building (formerly Science Building) along Gastambide Street, which to date is the present site of the Dentistry facility.

In May 2006, the UE College of Dentistry has a new Dean in the person of Dr. Brenda Salazar Dey, the longtime Associate Dean (since 1987) took over the Deanship following the retirement of the College’s (and UE’s) longest-serving Dean, Dr. Diampo J. Lim. Dean Dey graduated Cum Laude from the UE College of Dentistry in 1965, the following year she topped (First Place) the Dentistry Licensure Examination. In 1967, she went on to pursue graduate studies at the University of Sydney College of Dentistry, Sydney, Australia where she received her Diploma in Public Health Dentistry. She also attended Kyushu University as a Visiting Researcher from October to December 1991, and is working on earning another degree, Master of Arts in Educational Administration at the UE Graduate School. Under her leadership, the college in cooperation with the UE Graduate School was able to established not just one but four (4) MASTER OF SCIENCE IN DENTISTRY specialty programs and the first ever in the Philippines. This specialty programs collectively known as POPE — short for Periodontics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics and Endodontics.

Today, the College of Dentistry stands tall with her “golden harvest” of topnotchers producing more than 685 top placers in the Dentist Licensure Examinations. Forty-three (43) of these were first placers, while 92 were 2nd and 3rd placers. The rest or 550 dominated the 4th to 20th slots.

The UE College of Dentistry continues to produce world-class graduates who are making noteworthy contributions to the highway of Philippine dentistry and are highly regarded in the academe, in the private dental practice, in organized dentistry and in government institutions because of their intelligence, thoroughness and ethical rectitude.


College of Dentistry


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