Trying to find your place in the sun? You can!

Trying to find your place in the sun?  You can

…in tourism and hospitality management – a new major which the UE Graduate School has developed in its existing MBA Program.

Courses in this field integrate theory and practice through the use of case studies and action-oriented research. In addition, industry immersion activities are possible through the University’s network of affiliate companies in the tourism and hospitality industry.

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of a tourism-related business, but don’t have a bachelor’s degree for one reason or another; you may be considered for the certificate program consisting of 18 units of specialized subjects and 6 units of relevant on-the-job training.

If you have an undergraduate degree in business, tourism or hospitality, you can be accepted in the regular program and have a choice between a thesis or non-thesis track. If your undergraduate degree happens to be none of these, you can still specialize in tourism and hospitality management (as well as in other majors in the MBA) as long as you have had relevant practicum or on-the-job training in the industry and are willing to take a number of refresher courses in business.

If you are busy executive who wants to advance faster in the career ladder, there is an executive non-thesis program of 36 units that you can finish in two years.

Interested? Please call the Graduate School Office at 735-5471 local 358 for more information