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Good day, everyone. Here are info in regard to recent queries amid the ongoing enhanced community quarantine:

1. The deadline for posting of UE college and Graduate School students’ final grades for the second semester of SY 2019-2020 has been extended to May 5, 2020. For student queries concerning subject requirements and such, please get in touch directly with the professor, thesis adviser or OJT adviser concerned.

2. Given that there were classes in UE Manila and UE Caloocan up to March 9, 2020, and that online class/academic activities were still ongoing up to last March 18 and, after that, there were only three to four college class days left—with last March 23 as the last class day prior to the finals—and that students will still be entitled to a final grade despite not taking final exams this sem, there shall be no refunding of tuition.

Unlike other schools whose current school year opened much later than ours, UE opened the school year in June 2019, and the second semester in November 2019. (Theoretically, to be refunded would mean that the subjects a student took in UE this second semester were not finished and would thus need to be taken/enrolled in again next school year.)

3. The application for and taking of the entrance test [e.g., the UE College Entrance Test (UE-CET), the UE Grade 11 Competency and Interest Assessment (UE-CAIA), et cetera] will resume once the lockdown is over. We will post the corresponding schedules and details on this as soon as possible in May.

4. Other transactions undertaken on campus, such as securing transcripts of records, diplomas, et al. will resume once the lockdown is over.

5. The schedule of enrollment for and schedule of summer classes per se will be posted on this page soon. There are no updates yet as to the first-semester enrollment and opening of SY 2020-2021 classes for now, with the lockdown still ongoing.

6. Students with tuition balance may pay online via or GCash. On either selected site, please select “Pay Bills,” select “School,” choose or type in “University of the East” or “UE” then type in your UE student number as the account number, input the amount to pay, then click on Next and Confirm. Once done, please take a screenshot of your successful transaction and email it to for the attention of Ms. Eva Pozon or Ms. Lyka Manlapas, for the updating of your UE student account. Please note that the validation of one’s tuition payment may take longer than usual at this time due to quarantine. Please keep a copy of your proof of payment for future reference. VIEW FOR SAMPLE (via PNB)

For other concerns regarding payment procedures, please email <>.

7. Tuition surcharges incurred during the lockdown/ECQ are waived. Surcharges incurred before the lockdown still apply.

Thank you and take care, Warriors.

P. S.
Please follow @UnivEast, the new official UE account on Twitter. Thank you.

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