UE CEng’g Caloocan Hosts Free Webinar on Data Analytics


The UE College of Engineering-Caloocan (CEng’g Caloocan) will be hosting a webinar titled “Deep Learning Using Data Analytics” this Thursday, July 16, 2020, at 2 p.m.

This free, open-to-all webinar is sponsored by MathWorks, an American company that specializes in mathematical computing software, which supports data analysis and simulation.

This is in line with UE’s utilization this school year of the educational software MATLAB (a.k.a. matrix laboratory), a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and propriety programming language developed by MathWorks. As of 2020, MATLAB has over four million users worldwide, mostly in the fields of engineering, science and economics.

This webinar’s resource speaker is Ms. Sruthi Geetha (in photo), a Customer Support Engineer at the Singapore-based TechSource Systems, the distributor of MathWorks software in Southeast Asia. Prior to working in TechSource Systems, Ms. Geetha worked for three years at MathWorks India with experience in Customer Training, Customer Success Engineering and Technical Support.

The webinar aims to provide an overview of MATLAB and how it enables to the attendee to take advantage of disruptive technologies like deep learning. It will show where deep learning is applied in engineering and science, and how it is driving MATLAB’s development.

The session will also demonstrate a workflow on the research process and development and deployment of the deep learning application.

In addition, the webinar aims to outline what support MathWorks can do to help achieve success with deep learning.

Among the technologies covered include engineering signal data, training and evaluating a signal qualifier, and generating an optimized native embedded code.

A description of MATLAB software can be viewed at the MathWorks website at https://www.mathworks.com/…/technical-computing-with-matlab…

Once procured, UE’s MATLAB software license will be university-wide and will be available for use by students and faculty members alike in both the Manila and Caloocan Campuses using UE’s domain name.

Students and faculty members of all UE colleges are invited to attend, especially those from the UE Colleges of Engineering, Computer Studies and Systems, and Arts and Sciences.

Interested webinar participants may send an email of inquiry to UE CEng’g Caloocan Associate Dean for Computer Studies and Systems Maria Amelia E. Damian via mariaamelia.damian@ue.edu.ph.

Tune in to this online webinar, Warriors!

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