Good day, Warriors. Some reminders before UE’s online classes begin on August 5, 2020:



Enrolling college upperclassmen, please be advised that the validity of your encoded subjects is up to seven working days only (from the previous three working days only). In case you will not be able to pay for at least the prescribed downpayment within those seven days, you will be required to pay for a prescribed deposit before you can re-encode your subjects. (The deposit is the same amount as the downpayment.)

The options to pay for the deposit are the same as those for paying for the downpayment (i.e., PNB over-the-counter, GCash, BancNet Online). After paying for your deposit, please send a screenshot of your proof of payment to for the validation of your payment. After emailing, check within one to two working days (as in not counting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) to see if you can already re-encode your subjects.


For those purchasing Basic Education (Kinder to Grade 12) textbooks: To better facilitate your purchase, please DO NOT send multiple emails of your proof of payment or your electronic book form (EBF). Emailing once is enough; kindly be patient in waiting for a reply as hundreds of textbooks-purchase emails are being received and processed at this time.

In addition, please make your payment using the EXACT amount to help hasten the processing of your payment and assigning of your textbooks’ pickup date.

For the record, info on textbooks purchasing can be sourced on the following Facebook pages:

UE Caloocan K to 12:

UE Manila K to 10:

UE Manila SHS:

For incoming college students, please find out about your potential books from your respective professors starting August 5, 2020, onwards.


We will be posting about guidelines for the first day of online classes for the incoming school year (SY 2020-2021) within the coming days.

Thank you and take care, Warriors.

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