FUEL Your Bright Future via Flexible UE Learning!

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We would like to welcome incoming Warrior Students to the start of a new school year as August 5, 2020, marks the first day of online UE classes for SY 2020-2021.

Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, your University is implementing a new paradigm of instructional delivery: Flexible UE Learning or FUEL.

FUEL is UE’s response to provide an equitable learning experience by adopting alternative modes of instruction that underscore the importance of engagement between faculty members and students.

Now more than ever, faculty members are committed to guide you, dear students, to acquire the quality of education that you deserve while navigating through the fluidity of uncertain and challenging times.

FUEL provides opportunities for active and directed learning through synchronous and asynchronous interactions, facilitated via online and offline delivery strategies.

To implement FUEL, essential mechanisms have been put in place to ensure inclusive access to various resources and procedures. These are:

I. Flexible Learning Options (FLO)

The following instructional delivery options are made available to students:

1. Online and Distance Learning (Online DL), where instruction is delivered through the use of Internet-based technology;

2. Blended Learning (BL), where Online DL and face-to-face meetings in the classroom (once safe and permitted by the government) are combined; or the

3. Use of Printed Materials (PM), which may be mailed, picked up at designated areas, or downloaded from computers set up by the University.

II. UE Accounts

Students are entitled to the following official accounts:

1. The UE Student Portal Account, which is the gateway for students to various resources and applications provided by the University. It includes access to class schedules, grades, account balance, library and research resources, and many more.

2. The UE email account, which is used for official communications between and among members of the UE community. The UE email account allows faculty members, students, and employees the use of Google Suite, which includes applications such as Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slide, Gmail and many more.

3. The Canvas account, which permits UE faculty members and students to interact through the Canvas Learning Management System. Senior High School (SHS), College, and Graduate School faculty members and students will use Canvas LMS for the incoming school year.

III. The Instructional Delivery Options

1. Online Distance Learning (Online DL) and Blended Learning (BL) will be facilitated using synchronous (real-time interaction) and asynchronous (without real-time interaction) learning.

1a. Faculty members and students in the K to 10 levels of the UE Basic Education Departments will utilize Google Classroom, while SHS, Tertiary and Graduate School students will use the Canvas LMS.

1b. For BL, face-to-face meetings are considered as part of synchronous learning. A separate set of guidelines will be announced regarding the conduct of face-to-face meetings, once they will be allowed by the government, subject to national/general regulations.

1c. A student who chooses the use of printed materials (PM) should be provided a copy of the modules developed by the faculty member/s. He/She can still participate in the synchronous sessions scheduled by his/her teacher or he/she may opt to study using purely asynchronous learning, provided that he/she submits a weekly progress report and the required activities set by the faculty member/s.

2. In a three-unit pure lecture course, the minimum number of synchronous sessions should be 18 hours for regular classes per semester.

3. In a three-unit lecture-laboratory course, the minimum number of synchronous sessions should be 18 hours for the lecture component and another 18 hours for the laboratory component per semester.

4. Tutorial classes will have a minimum of 12 hours of synchronous sessions per semester.

5. Synchronous sessions should be facilitated during the official schedule for the class. Synchronous sessions can be conducted either through video conferencing or via chat sessions. Synchronous sessions via scheduled video conference may be facilitated using Canvas Conference, Google Meet, Zoom, and other platforms.

6. For UE SHS, Tertiary and Graduate School students, synchronous chat sessions will be facilitated in Canvas via Canvas Chat.

7. For UE K to 10 students, synchronous chat sessions will be facilitated through Google Hangouts.

8. Asynchronous sessions provide opportunities for the students to work at their own pace. These include resources and instructions provided by the faculty members that students need to go through and accomplish on their own with minimal supervision. These include, but are not limited to, lecture presentations and notes, activities for submission, and assessments.

9. Faculty members should do their best to accommodate students who have connectivity problems and should explore other ways of communicating to them such as via Messenger or text messages.

10. Faculty members may decide which type of synchronous sessions to facilitate depending on the nature of the course or the lesson at hand.

11. In case of power interruption or Internet disconnection during synchronous sessions, faculty members have the following options:

11a. Attempt to continue their session using portable devices such as tablets or smartphones.

11b. Inform their students and Department Chair that the session will be rescheduled. (Faculty members should update their class schedule accordingly.)

12. No synchronous session and no deadline should be set during declared non-working holidays.

13. Faculty members will keep a record of students’ attendance during synchronous sessions.

14. Faculty members will seek student consent for screen capture and recording of any video conferencing session. Faculty members will always practice data privacy measures in their classes.

15. Student evaluation of faculty performance will be facilitated.

Take care and thank you for opting to FUEL your bright future with UE!

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