UE Pop Idol 2020 Finalists Sing Their Hearts Out in Virtual Grand Finals!

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The UE Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) will be fueling bright singing futures anew as it holds the UE Pop Idol 2020 Grand Finals! The annual competition’s latest conclusion—held online for the first time this year—will unfold this Thursday, September 24, 2020, 7:30 p.m. via live streaming on the UE OCA Facebook page.
The UE Pop Idol 2020 finalists—they who won in the Battle Round held last September 18—will perform a song of their choice for the chance to become the Grand Champion. The judging of their performances will be done in real time during the live streaming. For this round, each contestant’s attire and set design will be counted in the performance interpretation.
The UE Pop Idol 2020 finalists, who will be judged for their vocal technique (50%), expression (30%), and showmanship (20%), are:
1. Arwen S. Valenton (SHS Caloocan)
2. Abijah Asher P. Lumaque (SHS Caloocan)
3. Celestine Ainah B. Mayuga (CAS Manila)
4. Chyryl C. Maranan (CCSS)
5. Crizthyne Kyle M. Garcia (CEng’g Manila)
6. Edrian R. Laureta (SHS Manila)
7. Ella Mae F. Delos Santos (CBA Caloocan)
8. Ellen May A. Otalla (CAS Manila)
9. Gezel M. Mabolo (CAS Caloocan)
10. Karel Mae E. Jintalan (SHS Manila)
11. Keziah Raye R. Binalla (CAS Manila)
12. Krisha Alyssa G. Delos Reyes (SHS Caloocan)
13. Krizzle D. Enraca (CAS Manila)
14. Mika Alexandra F. Santos (CAS Manila)
15. John Paul P. Decrepito (CEng’g Manila)
16. Rovic Khristian S. Valdez (CBA Manila)
17. Theresa Mae D.C. Peñaflor (SHS Manila)
The Grand Champion will receive a cash prize of P10,000, while the second- and third-place finalists will receive P7,000 and P5,000, respectively.
Good luck, Warrior Pop Idol 2020 Finalists!

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