Online Consultation Procedure for UE Students, Faculty Members, Employees


On behalf of the UE Medical and Dental Clinics of UE Manila and UE Caloocan, this is to share the Procedure for Online Virtual Medical and Dental Consultations (for UE students, faculty members and employees):

1. Send an email to either (if your campus is UE Manila) or (if your campus is UE Caloocan). The email subject can be Seeking Online Consultation.

2. Such an email must include a scanned image or clear screenshot of the email sender’s UE ID and, for UE students, a scanned image or clear screenshot of his/her current registration form to confirm being enrolled. Email without these attachments shall not be accommodated.

3. Once replied to, please strictly follow the specific consultation schedule provided.

4. Upon request, the physician in charge may issue an online prescription, if needed.

5. Students, faculty members and employees are advised not to go directly to the UERM Infirmary Clinic because they would still be required to have a referral letter from the UE Clinic for the Infirmary to accommodate them.

6. There are no on-campus consultations at this time. Inquiries may also be made via phone call to the UE Medical and Dental Clinic via these numbers, on non-holiday Mondays to Thursdays, within 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or within 1 to 4:30 p.m.:

UE Manila: Tel. nos. 8-735-5471 local 373 or 8-733-0413

UE Caloocan: Tel. nos. 8-367-4572 local 179 or 8-363-4936

Thank you and take care.

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