Congratulations, Future UE Dentistry Freshmen!


Below are the names of those who made it to the eighth and latest pre-lockdown batch of incoming UE College of Dentistry freshmen after passing the UE CDent qualifying examinations for the University of the East’s Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program!

The list below features those who took and passed all components of the exam within March 2 to 9, 2020. These successful applicants are qualified to register now as First Year, First Semester, SY 2020-2021 students of the UE DMD program.

NOTE: For aspiring UE DMD freshmen who have already taken and passed the UE College Entrance Test (UE-CET) but have yet to take the UE DMD qualifying exam, please see the UE CDent’s announcement at the end of the list of names seen below.

Congratulations, future dental health professionals! We look forward to having you in UE as upcoming Dentistry Warriors!

[STEM Strand]
Amo, Rachelle Jhane S.
Andres, Eris Xander L.
Benecario, Jaime Marie
Bulac, Clou Joseph I.
Cadiz, Americo Dino
Chu, Angelica Faith N.
Flores, Jhonnedel B.
Ingalla, Jairus Izrael P.
Lababit, Jan Gabriel
Lanuzga, Trisha Aaliyah D.
Mangulabnan, Kersten Karylle C.
Oabel, Roschaela Gabrielle
Pabinguit, King David D.
Paras, Rien Benjamin
Rey Hipolito, Jhanelle Mayzie A.
San Gabriel, Alleah Bianca E.
Simon, Tricia Daniela
So, Anne Jeanette R.
Sy, Patrice Anne G.
Zaragoza, Franchescka O.

[Non-STEM Strand]
Abillon, Cymon
Cadelinia, Hanna Josephine F.
Delaguiado, Maria Christina D.
Gardon, Jasmine A.
Herrera, Angeline L.
Igrobay, Kristine Ann D.
Manalo, Cristina Marie S.
Narag, Mikhail Eison L.
Paduano, Mikaela Rae G.

ANNOUNCEMENT: For aspiring UE Doctor of Dental Medicine freshmen who have already taken and passed the UE-CET but have yet to take the UE DMD qualifying exam, your attention, please:

You can now apply for and take the Academic Qualifying Examination online. Please follow these guidelines to facilitate your online application and online examination:

1. You must have a Gmail address. If you do not have one, please create one. If you have been a UE SHS student, please use your UE email address.

2. Using your Gmail or UE email address, send to the following:
   a. Your complete name
   b. The name of your senior high school
   c. Academic strand completed
   d. a PDF copy of your UE-CET result

By providing these information and requirements, you authorize the UE College of Dentistry to use your information and agree to receive communication through your Gmail/UE address. Collected data will be used solely for scheduling your exam date and the email will be deleted soon after you agree to your designated schedule.

3. You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your email and a schedule (date and time) when to take the academic qualifying examination. Please remember your assigned date and time, as you will be given only ONE schedule. (Example: June 22, 2020, 10 a.m.-12 nn.)

4. Send a reply to confirm the schedule assigned to you. By doing so, you will be included in the list of examinees for the appointed date and time.

5. The examination form will be emailed to you on your scheduled date and time. You will be given two hours to finish and submit your examination form. Failure to do so forfeits your opportunity to accomplish the qualifying requirements of the Doctor of Dental Medicine program.

Please take note that this announcement is for Senior High School graduates as incoming UE DMD freshmen only. Announcement for Transferees and Degree-holders will follow. Be informed likewise that the Dexterity Test is suspended as part of the qualifying examinations for fresh applicants for this First Semester, AY 2020-2021.

Thank you and we hope to welcome you to UE College of Dentistry, future Student Warriors!

Note: To help address inquiries regarding enrollment and various other matters, please check out the email directory of key UE email addresses and send to the address that corresponds to your inquiry and campus:

Thank you and take care, Warrior Students.

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