Former and current UE students and friends donate to NGO for babies


On December 15, 2013, a group of volunteers from the University of the East composed of student councils, UE College of Arts and Sciences-Manila faculty members, leaders of the student political organization Kaisa Ka and friends undertook a joint gift-giving program at and for CRIBS Foundation Inc., a government-recognized NGO committed to the care and development, healing and recovery of children in need of special protection.

CRIBS (the acronym stands for “Create Responsive Infants by Sharing”) is located at the Industrial Valley Complex, 15 Maj. Santos Dizon St. in Marikina City.

Volunteers got the opportunity to interact with and cuddle the babies that are CRIBS’ wards. Incumbent UE University Student Council (USC) President Christian Gultia and Kaisa Ka Prime Minister Gia Katrina Aguilar also turned over a certificate of appreciation to CRIBS Foundation, as represented by CRIBS’s Volunteer and Resource Development Program Officer Liway Flores.

The program culminated with the formal turnover of children’s gifts courtesy of Ms. Ng Lai Man and Ms. Lily Ngo of Earnest Multinational Trading Corporation (EMTC), a major sponsor of this activity.

Aside from the children’s gifts, the following were also donated to CRIBS: 1. 102 pieces of baby bottles 2. 150 kilos of rice 3. 139 cans of baked beans 4. 45 kilos of Bon Bon Bihon 5. 70 pieces of bath soap 6. 11 cans of evaporated milk 7. 12 cans of condensed milk 8. 30 pieces of UE plastic hand fans 9. 24 bottles of Tropicana juice.

The program’s organizer, UE graduate, former UE CAS Manila Student Council President and Kaisa Ka ( Founder Alvin Go, thanks family and friends from the University of the East, Iloilo Central Commercial High School (Hua Siong), Philippine Cultural High School (Kiaw Tiong), EMTC Bon Bon Bihon and CRIBS Foundation, Inc. for making this Christmas event possible. He expresses “deepest gratitude to each and everyone who believe and supported this wonderful event, most especially to my family; friends from UE headed by Marketing Department Coordinator Edith Romero, CAS Manila Associate Dean Dr. Rene Salvania, College of Business Administration-Manila Department of Mathematics and Statistics Chairman Prof. Raymond Ang, USC President Christian Gultia and the rest of the student council; Prime Minister Gia Katrina Aguilar and the rest of the Kaisa Ka party; and childhood friends and classmates from other institutions for their generosity and time despite geographic hindrance; to Ms. Sharon T. Tan, Dr. Janet Pinlac, Prof, Roland Madeja, Prof. Florita Aquino and Ms. Grace Gonzales of UE for always being supportive in many ways; to the good people of CRIBS Foundation, Inc., most especially Ms. Liway Flores for giving us the opportunity to be of service to the children; and, of course, to God for the countless blessings and for making this event more meaningful.

“I really pray that our small collective efforts now may soon reverberate in our respective communities and institutions, and soon bring more volunteers and donors from our humble communities to child care institutions like CRIBS Foundation in the near future,” Mr. Go concluded.

(Report and photo by Mr. Alvin Go)


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