Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) a new course of Graduate School




The UE MSA Faculty

The faculty members of the UE program of Master of Science in Accountancy are doctoral and master’s degree holders of known academic institutions in the country and are highly experienced practitioners in the field of accountancy, both in the private and government sectors.

Why a Master’s Degree?

The Accountancy profession is admittedly one of the most lucrative in the world today. Hence our MSA is designed to accommodate the tight schedule of auditors and tax practitioners who are too busy to enroll in graduate school, retiring with financial success and professional training, but without the chance to acquire a master’s degree.

For those who gravitate to the accounting profession through exposure without the academic preparation in accountancy, our MSA offers an opportunity to make up and improve their understanding, as well as gain the degree necessary to rise in the corporate ladder.

Our MSA also provides assurance to those who have the heart for teaching that they will have the necessary credentials to make a career change should they decide to join the academe.

Prospective students who wish to contribute to the growth of knowledge through research can choose the MSA thesis program. Otherwise, the teaching and industry tracks are both available as non-thesis programs. Both the thesis and non-thesis programs have the same three (3) specializations.

Our MSA is unique as it offers three (3) specializations: Management Accounting, Internal Auditing and Taxation


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