Career Opportunities


Duties and Responsibilities

•    Keeps all the office files  in systematic order;
•    Updates cumulative folders of students;
•    Receives incoming communications;
•    Accommodates   inquiry of students;
•    Assists in various guidance activities including accreditation preparation ;
•    Performs   other related tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor.


S/He must be a holder of a bachelor’s degree and has a functional skills in computer applications such as MS Word, Microsoft Excel, Media Player



Duties and Responsibilities

•    Assists in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the guidance program;

•    Plans guidance program for her/his assigned   department;

•    Prepares required reports;

•    Helps interpret the guidance program to the   school staff and  parents, when    necessary;

•    Gathers   pertinent data on students to update student cumulative record;

•    Interprets   psychological   test results to students;

•    Counsels students/pupils with   educational, vocational and other personal problems;

•    Disseminates educational, occupational and personal–social information to students;

•    Conducts case studies of students as components of counseling plans;

•    Follows up students/pupils with special needs;

•    Creates enrichment and developmental programs to tap the students’/pupils’ potentials;

•    Works with professional organizations   and youth welfare agencies   on counseling matters;

•    Performs other functions assigned   by the immediate   supervisor.


S/He must be a Master’s degree   holder in Guidance and Counseling
and a Registered Guidance Counselor.


Kindly bring/submit the following to the Guidance and Counseling Office, Ground Floor, SFC Building:


·         Application letter

·         Curriculum vitae

·         Photocopy of Transcript of Records- Undergraduate and Masters

·         Photocopy of license (Registered Guidance Counselor)

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