UE Yields 1st, 7th Place Dentist Topnotchers, Scores 100% Practical Phase Passing Rate!


The UE College of Dentistry has come out on top once again after UE CDent graduate Dr. Pauline Tiffany Ong Uy secured First Place in the latest licensure examination for dentists!

The exams were held on December 4 to 6, 2017 (Theoretical Phase) and on January 3 to 6, 2018 (Practical Phase).

Dr. Uy, who had an exam average of 84.70% in the licensure exams, is a December 2017 UE CDent graduate, Cum Laude.


Joining Dr. Uy in the Top 10 is 7th Placer Dr. Ezeneth Alper Nadado (exam average 83.00%). Dr. Nadado is likewise a December 2017 graduate of the UE College of Dentistry.

UE CDent graduates shone through in terms of passing rate in both phases of the exam, scoring 78.03% in the Theoretical Phase (against the national passing rate of 51.35%) and a whopping 100% in the Practical Phase (national passing percentage: 99.22%).

Congratulations to the UE College of Dentistry, to our new Warrior Topnotchers and to all of our new Warrior-Dentists!

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