UE CBA Students Present Five Papers at National Research Conference


Students of the UE College of Business Administration-Manila recently presented five completed studies at the 6th National Research Student Conference (NSRC), which was held on May 21 and 22, 2019, at the Citystate Asturias Hotel in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The NSRC is a semi-annual conference that provides students with the opportunity to present completed and ongoing researches, and gain constructive feedback from university researchers, thesis advisers, research coordinators and fellow student researchers on how to improve their study prior to publication.

The UE student researches were five of the 141 studies from universities and schools throughout the Philippines that passed the technical standards of the NSRC committee for oral presentation, as organized by the A&A Knowledge Base Research Consultancy and Training, Inc. with the endorsement of the Commission on Higher Education.

At the conference, Dr. Bronwyn Williams, Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center of the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, delivered an informative keynote lecture on the precision, accuracy and style in writing research reports. He stressed the importance of proper citations and writing the relevance and determining the gap in the reviewed literature.

In the parallel paper presentations, the following accountancy and business management papers from UE CBA Manila were included:

1. “Perception of CPAs in Public and Government Sectors on Continuing Professional Development’s Effectiveness towards Career Advancement,” presented by Bi-en B. Valentino for co-authors Emerson M. Peralta, Mhay S. Colangoy and Lyka C. Manlapas;

2. “An Analysis on the Contribution of Internship Activities to Accounting Graduates’ First Employment,” presented by Jade Anne C. Ward for co-authors Ericka M. Manansala, Camille Joyce B. Manuel, Faye Anne C. Navarro, Kim Irish P. Padilla and Gwyneth France V. Terrado;

3. “Influences of Varying Class Schedules in the Academic Performances of Accountancy Students,” presented by Neil Faye C. San Buenaventura and Katrina May B. Baui for co-authors Maria Elena M. Caramat, Deane V. Dalmacio, Marian Rose O. Dionela and Mikael J. Pintucan;

4. “Effects of Self-Set Goals upon College Students,” presented by Bayronphol Torres for co-authors Evita Ching, Clarice Keith Ciar, Christian Cyrille Dela Fuente, John Paule Mico de Ocampo and Priscila Emocling; and

5. “Disaster Awareness and Preparedness of Students in the University of the East, Manila Campus,” presented by Lance Edward Ramirez for co-authors Keith Jayvee Chan, Shanon Febes Sison, Ryan Anthony Tabing, Hannah Patricia Toledo and Mark Joven Yambao.

Mr. Valentino, Mr. Peralta, Ms. Colangoy, Ms. Manlapas, Ms. Ward, Ms. Manansala, Ms. Manuel, Ms. Navarro, Ms. Padilla, Ms. Terrado. Ms. San Buenaventura, Ms. Baui, Ms. Caramat, Ms. Dalmacio, Ms. Dionela and Mr. Pintucan are Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students. Mr. Torres, Ms. Ching, Ms. Ciar, Mr. Dela Fuente, Mr. de Ocampo, Ms. Emocling, Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Chan, Ms. Sison, Mr. Tabing, Ms. Toledo and Mr. Yambao are students of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Business Management.

The UE student-researchers were accompanied by their able research faculty advisers, Associate Dean Angelito C. Descalzo and College Secretary Ofelia R. Nilo.

The photo shows warrior paper presenters (from left) Bi-en Valentino, Bayronphol Torres, Jade Anne Ward, Katrina May Baui, Lance Edward Ramirez and Neil Faye San Buenaventura with their research advisers, Associate Dean-Prof. Angelito Descalzo and College Secretary-Prof. Ofelia Nilo.

Congratulations, CBA Warriors!


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