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Three senior high school students have brought glory to the University of the East in general and the UE Basic Education Department-Caloocan in particular as their collective short film, “Think About It,” has qualified for the finals of the Asian International Children’s Film Festival 2019 in Japan!

UE Caloocan Grade 12 students Victor Macam III, Alexander A. Ting (both of section ICT 3 12-2) and Cris Joshua Dela Cruz (of STEM 12-12) served as the main men of the team, joined by six other warriors who served as actors and members of the production team.

Mr. Macam initiated joining the contest when he saw the promotion posted on the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines’ Facebook page. Seeing the festival’s theme, “How do you think about causing others trouble? Is it okay if only you are good? Can you think about other people?” he had a ready concept in mind.

After this, he immediately called two of his closest friends, Mr. Ting and Mr. Dela Cruz, who were initially hesitant due to their busy schedule but later on agreed on the proposed project. They were so excited knowing that they could possibly have an all-expense paid trip to Japan if their entry would make it to the finals.

The team also solicited their parents’ suggestions and advice and promptly got approval, motivating them further to realize their plan.

“Think about It” underwent a rigorous process of shooting and editing from June to August 2019. It was completed within August 14 to 16, which happened to be their exam week as well. The week may have been full of activities but they were able to endure.

August 29, 2019 was the date these boys had been waiting for. A representative from the Japan Embassy in the Philippines gave them a call notifying that their entry qualified for the film fest’s finals. Alexander had the luckiest day of his life when he received the phone call, and Victor was actually beside him at the time. At this moment, they felt they were on cloud nine―almost shouting their hearts out only to realize that they were inside the library. So, they decided to go to Cris Joshua’s room to share the good news. Their excitement surrounded the hallway, becoming eye candy to many people there.

The organizers assured the three for an all-expenses-paid trip to Hokkaido, Japan, from December 2 to 9, 2019, inclusive of accommodation, food and transportation and a jam-packed itinerary. Their trip will focus on the final round of the contest and culture-rich activities.

The three UE SHS students consider themselves winners already, so if God gifts them with further victory, it will serve as a bonus. “I hope this will be the start of my dream of becoming a successful film director,” Victor said when asked about his expectations from this stint. “We are so grateful for this rare opportunity and very positive as well for the possibilities that may happen in the future,” Cris Joshua and Alexander added.

The Asian International Children’s Film Festival 2019 featured films from countries all over the East and Southeast Asian regions.

Given the support of the Basic Education Department of UE Caloocan, the three hopefuls only have the highest hopes for their journey.

Kudos and good luck, SHS Filmmakers!


(Writeup by Mr. Marc Simon S. Recto)

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