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Hello, present and future Warrior Students!

Inquiries about UE’s various programs, requirements, schedules, et cetera may be relayed to the appropriate office or officer through the specific email addresses indicated below.

The list below is arranged according to campus and unit; please read through the whole list first to see which email address is best for your specific inquiry.

We would appreciate the following:


  1. Please keep your email subject wording short (and not blank) and never place your entire inquiry in the subject line.
  2. Please be courteous with your messages and we will return the favor accordingly.
  3. It is best if you would include as much detail as you can when inquiring (such as, for existing UE students, your full name, UE campus and student number, and a screenshot involving your concern). And do not message first by asking “May I inquire” or words to that effect; go ahead and ask.
  4. Kindly be patient in anticipating a reply from us amid the ongoing lockdown.

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