For nearly 60 years now, the University of the East has remained faithful in its noble mission of offering quality education to the youth. It has produced countless graduates who belong to the country’s national pool of achievers and leaders from various fields of endeavor. At the dawn of the new millennium, UE has reinvented itself to become the University of E-ducation capitalizing on digital technology to achieve academic excellence.

Aimed to prepare our graduates to the modern globalizing knowledge society, information technology had permeated every nook of academic and administrative function in the University to make IT a way of life in the campus.

More than the state of the art IT infrastructure, modern facilities and equipment, air-conditioned classrooms, international linkages and renovated campus environment enhancing the academic ambiance, UE adopted Problem-Based Learning (PBL) thru Computer-Based Teaching (CBT) as its core competency in pursuit for academic excellence. As much as learning is a perpetual process, it is our mandate to continuously innovate our scholasticism to keep abreast with new trends or to revolutionize education.

Finally, being true to its mission in offering affordable quality education as envisioned by its founder, Mr. Francisco Dalupan, scholarships and study grants are available to poor but deserving students because UE kindles the light of hope to everyone who wants to succeed.

Get a UE education now. It’s your first step to a bright tomorrow.