Welcome Note

On behalf of everyone at the University of the East (UE), I welcome you to the UE Website, your online gateway to one of the best universities in the Philippines!

Whether you are new to UE or are already acquainted with or belong to the University-and no matter where you are in the Philippines or in the world-the UE Website holds a wealth of information and features to help you get to know our University better, and usher you into the multifaceted realm of an enduring institution that Enterprise magazine has dubbed as “One of the Most Wired Universities” in the country.

The UE Website covers the three UE Campuses, all of which are located within the National Capital Region: UE Manila, UE Caloocan and the UE Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) in Quezon City.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can find information on the respective UE Colleges and Graduate Schools, course offerings, facilities and more of each of the UE Campuses right here.

Interested student-applicants will find that the UE Website allows for online applications; undergraduate UE students can enroll online through the UE Website as well. There is also a Student Portal, a Faculty Portal and an Alumni Portal within the UE Website, to allow for fast, constant, anytime communication among the students, faculty members and alumni of the University, respectively.

It is our hope that by exploring the UE Website, you would be inspired to join us here in UE, as millions of alumni have had within the last 62 years. After all: Tomorrow Begins in the East!

The University of the East website is just one of the myriad proofs that ” At UE, IT is a way of life.” Besides being a provider of quality education for all for nearly six decades now, UE is, in fact, one of the most information technology-savvy institutions-academic or otherwise-in the country today.

Apart from representing our high-tech distinction, however, the UE website also mirrors the exploratory nature of the University’s own reason for being: education.

That is, just as education is meant to open minds to the vast realm of knowledge, UE’s online domain is meant to entice the University’s past, present and even future constituents-no matter where they may be in the world-to discover or re-discover this enduring academic institution.

Given its 24/7 presence as well, the UE website is also emblematic of the University’s conviction that learning is a continued, lifelong process.

On that note, I welcome everyone to the University of the East website, with the call to keep learning and keep exploring!