Welcome Note

Good day and thank you for checking out the University of the East through this—the UE website!
If you are already part of the UE community, please accept my sincere and warm thanks for being a Warrior of your chosen field of learning. Know that you have made the right decision in choosing UE for your education and paving the way for your life ahead!

If you are, on the other hand, still looking for the best option for your learning and future, look no further than the University of the East! Now in the service of youth, country and God for 76 full years and counting, UE has proven time and time again to be a fine molder of countless learners into success stories across generations and across various fields of endeavor—numerous individuals through the last seven and a half decades who have realized and know full well that UE is the key to their bright future!

So, to those of you who are already UE students or those about to be, please accept my sincere appreciation and encouragement in letting your tomorrow begin in the East!

The University of the East website is just one of the myriad proofs that ” At UE, IT is a way of life.” Besides being a provider of quality education for all for nearly six decades now, UE is, in fact, one of the most information technology-savvy institutions-academic or otherwise-in the country today.

Apart from representing our high-tech distinction, however, the UE website also mirrors the exploratory nature of the University’s own reason for being: education.

That is, just as education is meant to open minds to the vast realm of knowledge, UE’s online domain is meant to entice the University’s past, present and even future constituents-no matter where they may be in the world-to discover or re-discover this enduring academic institution.

Given its 24/7 presence as well, the UE website is also emblematic of the University’s conviction that learning is a continued, lifelong process.

On that note, I welcome everyone to the University of the East website, with the call to keep learning and keep exploring!