Civil engineering

Civil engineering deals with the design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally built environments, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. This field is traditionally broken into several subdisciplines, including environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, municipal or urban engineering, water sources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying and construction engineering. Civil engineering takes place In all levels: in the public sector from municipal to national levels, and in the private sector from individual homeowners to international companies.


The University will produce Civil Engineering graduates who are:

  1. professionally competent and globally competitive;
  2. equipped with technical competencies and are able to contribute to the country’s social and economic progress;
  3. lifelong learners imbued with the UE core values of Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Commitment, Transparency, Accountability and Social Responsibility.


  1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science to solve engineering problems.
  2. Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  3. Ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability, in accordance with standards.
  4. Ability to function in multidisciplinary teams.
  5. Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
  6. Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively.
  8. Broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental and societal contexts.
  9. Recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning.
  10. Knowledge of contemporary issues.
  11. Ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  12. Knowledge and understanding of engineering and management principles as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.


  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Resident Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Project Control Executive
  • Site Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Water and Sanitation Engineer



Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) Level II Re-Accredited

UE’s CE licensure exam topnotchers include Engrs. Jeffrey P. Cimagala (6th, November 2007), Ramil Rosulo E. Asis (1st, November 2006), Jordan C. Ragsac (4th, November 2006), Ma. Victoria G. Belarma (10th, November 2006) and Christopher D. Lozano (10th, November 2005), among many others.



Engr. Alexander D. CoDepartment Chair, Civil Engineering

Faculty Members

  • Hadji Peejay U. Aranda – BSCE, DLSU (2002); MSCE, DLSU (ongoing)
  • Alexander D. Co – BSCE, TIP (1997); MEng, Structural Engg., PLM (2011)
  • John Rei M. Gomez – BSCE, UE (2014), MES, UE (2021)
  • Eduardo Jr. B. Leron – BSCE, UE (2012), MES, UE (2021)
  • Victor R. Macam Jr. – BSCE, UP Diliman (1983); MSCE, UP Diliman (1990); Doctor of Engineering, Nihon University, Japan
  • Reyman Solas – BSCE, AdU (2010); MSCE, TUP (ongoing)

CE Achievements to be added to the existing contents.

  • Fitzgerald M. Tañala (PICE’s Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Student 2020) 
  • Engr. Christian Mark N. Macapagao (3rd Place, CE Board Exam November 2019)
  • Christian Mark N. Macapagao (Champion, NCR National Civil Engineering Student’s Quiz 2018)
  •  Engr. Charles Warren M. Go (3rd Place, CE Board Exam November 2017)

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Engr. Edelito A. Handig
College Secretary

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