UE is one of the Philippines’ leading universities, having produced, for 75 years now as of September 2021, over a million alumni who have made their mark as leaders and achievers in various fields of endeavor across the country and around the world.

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September 25, 1952: The Marker for the Alma Mater Statue is Placed

As early as 1951, plans for a symbolic monument or statue to represent UE as an Alma Mater were first proposed by the University of the East Alumni Association Board of Directors. The statue, they hoped, would symbolize education and youth, or the aspirations of youth that university education can help shape and realize.

Work for this went into full gear in 1952, with National Artist Guillermo Tolentino tapped to create the statue. In a meeting at the office of then UE President Francisco T. Dalupan Sr. between Mr. Tolentino and the 1952 UE Alumni Association officers, Mr. Tolentino decided to use the image and likeness of Alumni Association Executive Secretary Ofelia Salas as the model for the soon-to-rise monument honoring UE and its alumni. With everything set, the marker for the statue was placed at the Dalupan Hall Quadrangle on September 25, 1952—UE’s 6th Foundation Anniversary.

Fifty-eight more UE milestones up ahead in the run-up to the University’s 75th Foundation Anniversary in September 2021…

Amid this truly momentous time in the University’s life, we look forward to your being and becoming part of us, resuming, returning and brand-new Warrior Students and other dear Warrior members of the UE community!

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