I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the UE Board of Trustees and to our beloved President Ester A. Garcia for giving me the trust and confidence to lead the University of the East-Caloocan Campus. I am humbled and privileged to be part of this great institution. Let me thank also my predecessor, Dr. Fedeserio Camarao, for the warm welcome, advice and encouragement.

As UE heightens its commitment to academic excellence, I offer my sincere, transparent and active leadership gained from varied experiences as an administrator, scientist, developmentalist and sportsman.

Similarly exemplified by my predecessors, I commit to be at par and live up to UE’s tradition of excellence by way of this eight-point Development Agenda:


1. Strengthen academic programs and performance

Achieve the tri-focal effect of academic excellence in terms of superiority of student performance, highly competent faculty and learning- conducive environment. To achieve this, the following shall be vigorously pursued:

  • Institutional accreditation and recognition – Deliberate and sustained efforts shall be undertaken to pursue earlier initiatives to strengthen all aspects related to providing the best services to achieve academic excellence. Existing programs shall be prepared for higher-level accreditation. Extra efforts shall be undertaken to facilitate government recognition of new academic programs, i.e., Tourism and Hospitality Management. Toward this end, active recruitment of quality faculty members shall be done with priority for MS degree-holders for new recruits or at least those that have graduated with honors. Faculty members will be encouraged and supported to pursue graduate degree programs and or short courses from advanced academic institutions-to be nurtured to become full-time faculty members of their respective Colleges and attain the highest possible academic rank. Professional development and capacity development shall be actively pursued targeting at least 75% of each College to have achieved master’s degree and 25% with PhDs within the next 36 months.

  • Relevance of academic programs – Academic offerings shall be evaluated regularly for relevance to industry needs and client satisfaction. Programs with very low enrollment shall be gradually phased out while those with greater and emerging markets shall be considered based on relevant feasibility and market studies.

  • Recruitment of quality students – The quality of students accepted to the University greatly determines future performance. Marketing strategies and admission policies shall be enhanced to attract the best students graduating from elementary and high school to enroll in appropriate programs. In line with this, scholarship support for students shall be increased from 10% of total enrollment to 15% by way of active partnerships with successful alumni, philanthropic organizations and other sources, in addition to existing privileges provided by the University.

  • Continuous facility upgrading – Plans shall be laid out with a corresponding budget to deliver the requirements for achieving the best environment for learning. Library facilities, laboratories, classrooms and other facilities shall be continuously upgraded compliant to CHED and accreditation requirements.

2. Strengthen research and development

This leadership will continue to help build an environment and culture of research- and science-based investigation through technical cooperation, academic exchange and co-implementation with national and international partners. The following shall be undertaken in coordination with the University Research Unit:

  • Development of a Medium-Term Integrated R & D Plan for the Campus focused on the areas of strength of its faculty and academic programs. Partnerships shall be sought with both national and international institutions and the private sector to generate the much-needed funds through resource and expertise sharing through formal collaborations;

  • Facilitate collaborative research with like-minded institutions to optimize reach & resources;

  • Tap experts in appropriate fields for inputs to research, encourage visiting research fellows and professors from advanced R & D institutions;

  • Facilitate the provision of appropriate training for enhanced research capabilities of faculty members that will encourage the culture of R & D;

  • Actively seek travel grant programs to allow for more opportunities for faculty members, including graduate students, to present scientific works in national and international forums and the publication of research findings;

  • Actively pursue publication and patenting of relevant research outputs;

  • Enhance delivery of extension services to clients in selected communities within the CAMANAVA area along education, health, poverty alleviation, climate change and environmental management that will improve general well-being;

  • Encourage participatory monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and impacts of extension and outreach programs;

  • Initiate the development of special projects and a project development center; and

  • Propose the development of a University Business Incubation Center.

3. Strengthen international linkages

Deliberate effort shall be undertaken to forge formal collaboration with both national and international institutions of higher learning. Through this effort, students and faculty members shall have greater opportunities for internationalization through formal academic exchange programs. The University shall also collaborate with partner institutions in pursuing R & D activities of mutual interest while advancing opportunities for information, intellectual and cultural exchange.

4. Generate more scholarship support for students and the faculty.

5. Sustain excellence in culture and the arts and sports as we harness our niche on beach volleyball and soccer.

6. Strengthen alumni relations

Solicit the active engagement of alumni supportive of a continuing partnership towards the generation of scholarships and the creation of better learning facilities of their respective colleges and the overall development of UE.

7. Make UE Caloocan the cleanest and greenest campus in Metro Manila

Deliberate and sustained effort shall be undertaken to ensure well-manicured lawns and ornamentals, and that trees are kept in best condition at all times. The comfort rooms shall be kept clean at all times; waste segregated; material recovery and recycling, absence of stray animals within Campus premises. A landscaping plan shall be put in place considering the construction of the new EHSD building and Lualhati monument. Student rest/study centers shall be established strategically to promote better interaction among students.

8. Promote the culture of unity, professionalism and teamwork in the workplace to achieve excellence in every undertaking

The academic community is the sum of its parts – one component interdependent with each other in a dynamic system, the faculty, the students and the administrative staff. The leadership shall nurture and value academic freedom and shall promote the culture of honesty and respect to dignity of each member by creating a tolerant and responsive administration that is service-oriented and with a strong sense of public good. The strength and potential of each member shall be cultivated, maximized and put to good use. Each member shall be encouraged to epitomize commitment, honesty, hard work, sacrifice and positive attitude through leadership by example. Decisions shall be guided by what is right, not by what is popular.