Consent Form for Admission in the Graduate School
For International Students

The Graduate School of the University of the East is collecting your information for the purpose of evaluating your application in the Masters / Doctorate degree program of your choice.

By continuing to fill out this form, you give your consent to the following:

  1. Submission of all requirements which include the following:

    ⦁ Signed Application Form
    ⦁ Authenticated documents
    ⦁ Transcript of Records (TOR)
    ⦁ Diploma
    ⦁ ID Page of Valid Passport or Bio page of Valid Passport.
    ⦁ Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card if currently residing in the Philippines
    ⦁ Police clearance from the country of origin and NBI clearance if residing in the Philippines for more than 60 days.
    ⦁ Birth Certificate

  2.  Other documents that the University or government may require in relation to the eventual resumption of face-to-face classes on the campus.

    ⦁ Proof of payment for entrance examination and enrollment fees
    ⦁ The admission process entails the sharing of your information to the following departments in the University
    ⦁ Chancellor’s Office Caloocan for the Online Intensive English Language Program
    ⦁ The Guidance, Counselling, and Career Services Office for the facilitation and results of the entrance examination
    ⦁ Finance Department for payment record
    ⦁ Information Technology (IT) Department for the creation of Student Portal account
    ⦁ The Department of Registration and Records Management (DRRM) for perpetual secure storage of your information.

When admitted to the Graduate School program, your information will form part of your student records which may be used by the Graduate School and the University of the East for activities related to its legitimate obligation to you and other parties in accordance to the law.