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Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences Major in Fitness and Sports Management (BSESS)


  • Fitness and Recreation Leader/Consultant
  • Fitness, Sports and Recreation Entrepreneur
  • Sports Tourism Officer (with local government)
  • Sports, Fitness and Wellness Facilities Manager
  • Sports, Fitness and Recreational Events Manager


Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd)


Jobs for Licensed Teachers (Board Exam passers)

  1. Dance and Sports Club Moderator
  2. Physical Education teacher in Basic Education
  3. School-based Sports Program and Events Moderator/Coordinator


Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English (BSEd)
PAASCU Level III-Accredited


Jobs for Licensed Teachers (Board Exam passers)

  1. Entry Level jobs
  • Teacher
  • Private Tutor
  • Subject Teacher
  • High School Teacher


  1. Mid-Level Positions
  • Head Teacher
  • High School Department Head of English


  1. Advanced Positions
  • Teaching Consultant
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Academic Book Writer
  • Assistant Principal of a High School


Bachelor of Special Needs Education (BSNEd)


Jobs for Licensed Teachers (board exam passers)

  1. Special Education Centers/Clinics
  • Teacher (one-on-one)
  • Teacher (group class)
  • Social Skills – Playgroup Facilitator
  1. Regular Schools that Practice Inclusion
  • Learning Support Staff
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Instructional Coordinators
  • Elementary /High School Principals
  1. Center-/-Home/Community-based Educational Settings
  • Private Tutor
  • Job Coach
  • Behavior Coach
  • Life Coach

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
PACUCOA Level III-Accredited


Jobs for Licensed Teachers (board exam passers)

  1. Entry Level jobs
  • Teacher
  • Private Tutor
  • Private Teacher
  • Elementary School Teacher


  1. Mid-Level Positions
  • Head Teacher
  • Department Chair
  • Grade Level Chair
  • Elementary School Department Head


  1. Advanced Positions
    • Teaching Consultant
    • Academic Book Writer
  • Curriculum Developer


Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (BSND)
PAASCU Level I-Accredited


  1. In Private and in Government Hospitals  and Other Agencies
  • Consultant
  • Dietary Director
  • Clinical Dietitian
  • Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Chief Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Teaching Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Research Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Therapeutic Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Public Health Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Administrative Nutritionist-Dietitian
  1. In Food Industries
  • Consultant
  • Research Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • Nutritionist-Dietitian in the Quality Control Department
  • Teaching Nutritionist-Dietitian (Product Demonstrator)
  • Nutritionist-Dietitian in the Test Kitchen (Product Development)
  1. In Schools
  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Administrator
    • Chief/Head/Chairperson/Coordinator
  1. In Foodservice Establishments (e.g., Hotels/Restaurants/Cafeteria)
  • Menu Planner
  • Food Checker
  • Canteen Supervisor
  • Food Service Manager
  • Food Service Supervisor

UE College of Education also offers Certificate Programs

The Certificate in Professional Education program is an 18-unit non-degree program that provides learners with necessary knowledge in Professional Education Courses which allows them to be prepared in taking and, eventually, passing the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT).


Certificate in Professional Education (CPE)



Certificate in Early Childhood Education (CECE)



Certificate in Special Needs Education (CSNEd)


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