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At the University of the East, we take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence and ensuring that our Colleges and Basic Education Departments  meet their accreditation and certification goals. This is made possible through the dedicated efforts of our team at the Office for Quality Assurance (OQA).

The functions of the Office for Quality Assurance (OQA) includes monitoring and overseeing the Colleges in achieving their desired accreditation and certification goals; maintaining current status and certifications earned by the University (Autonomous Status, Center for Development etc.); coordinating Quality Assurance training needs of teaching and non-teaching personnel of the University; and identifying appropriate quality assurance mechanisms applicable to the University.

The OQA serves as the guardian of quality throughout our institution, overseeing and monitoring the progress of our Colleges and Basic Education Departments in their pursuit of accreditation and certification. Our meticulous approach ensures that we consistently meet the stringent standards set by accrediting bodies, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and excellence.

We go beyond mere compliance, actively engaging with our Colleges and Basic Education Departments to identify areas for enhancement and growth. Through comprehensive evaluations and assessments, the OQA provides valuable insights, assistance, and recommendations that enable our Colleges and Basic Education Departments to thrive and excel in their respective domains.

In our pursuit of excellence, the OQA continuously explores and identifies appropriate quality assurance mechanisms tailored specifically to the unique needs and aspirations of the University. We stay abreast of emerging trends, research innovative practices, and adapt them to suit our institution’s context. Our proactive approach enables us to anticipate challenges, mitigate risks, and drive continuous improvement across all areas of our academic community.

Through our unwavering commitment to quality, the Office for Quality Assurance at the University of the East ensures that every aspect of our institution aligns with the highest standards of excellence. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, empowering our Colleges and Basic Education Departments to achieve their full potential and providing our students with an exceptional learning environment that prepares them for success in a rapidly evolving world.


Institutional Accreditation and Quality Assessment

Institutional accreditation and quality assessment are integral components of the University’s commitment to academic excellence. Currently, an impressive 93% (50) of the academic programs offered by the University have either achieved accreditation or are in the process of accreditation. Among these programs, 34 are located in Manila, while the remaining 16 are based in Caloocan. Notably, UE Manila boasts three Level IV programs, three Level III programs, thirteen Level II programs (with two programs in the process of applying for Level III accreditation), six Level I programs, and 9 programs under the Candidate status (out of which 7 have been visited for Level I Formal accreditation).

UE Caloocan has also made commendable progress, with four programs successfully granted Level III Reaccredited status (all of which are qualified to apply for Level IV), three Level II programs (with two programs eligible for Level III application), seven Level I programs, and two programs under the Candidate status. In the current academic year alone, 24 programs have undergone rigorous evaluation and visits conducted by prestigious accrediting bodies such as PACUCOA, PAASCU, and PRC. It is worth noting that only four academic programs at UE are currently without accreditation.

In line with the University’s strategic goals, the UE College of Computer Studies and Systems, along with two UE College of Engineering programs, are diligently preparing for accreditation by the Philippine Information and Computing Accreditation Board (PICAB) and the Philippine Technological Council (PTC). By achieving accreditation from these esteemed bodies, UE will have the opportunity to become a member of the prestigious Seoul Accord in the field of computing and information technology, as well as the esteemed Washington Accord in engineering. This recognition will further validate the University’s commitment to providing exceptional education and preparing students for global competitiveness.

FAAP Certificates
Manila Campus

Graduate School
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business Administration
College of Computer Studies and Systems
College of Dentistry
College of Education
College of Engineering
Basic Education Department

Caloocan Campus

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business Administration
College of Computer Studies and Systems
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of Fine Arts and Design
Basic Education Department


About The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program



The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) at the University of the East is an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking to earn a college degree based on their extensive experience and expertise.

Imagine being able to attain a respected college degree without having to complete all the traditional academic units. The UE ETEEAP recognizes the value of your hard-earned knowledge, skills, and competencies gained through your work experience, life journey, as well as non-formal and informal training. It provides you with the chance to showcase your proficiency and receive equivalency credits or corresponding academic degrees.

The UE ETEEAP offers the following programs to cater to your goals.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Caloocan Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management – Caloocan Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management – Manila Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Manila Campus

Qualified individuals like you can gain industry-recognized degrees in Information Technology, Communication Arts, or Business Administration, specializing in either Marketing Management or Financial Management. These programs are designed to harness your existing knowledge and skills, empowering you to take the next step in your professional journey.

Our dedicated team at the University of the East is committed to assisting you throughout your ETEEAP journey. We provide comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring that you meet the program’s requirements and maximize your potential. Through our rigorous evaluation process, we guarantee that your expertise is acknowledged, granting you the opportunity to earn a college degree that aligns with your desired field.

Enroll in the UE ETEEAP today and unlock the doors to your future success. Let your remarkable experiences and accomplishments shape your educational journey, as we believe that true learning extends far beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom. Join us and transform your wealth of experience into a respected college degree that reflects your immense capabilities.




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Office for Quality Assurance (OQA) and ETEEAP Center
2nd Floor Dalupan Bldg. University of the East 2219 CM Recto Avenue 1006 Manila, Philippines

✆ Tel. Nos.: (+632) 8735-5471 locals 457, 478 (trunk line)
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✆ Fax No.: (+632) 526-0275
✉ oqa@ue.edu.ph
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OQA and ETEEAP Center Director

Prof. Yonardo A. Gabuyo
Director, OQA and ETEEAP Center
✉ yonardo.gabuyo@ue.edu.ph
✉ yonardogabuyo@yahoo.com

OQA and ETEEP Center Staffs

Mr. Michael Anthony Aduan
Quality Assurance Assistant
✉ michael.anthony.aduan@ue.edu.ph

Prof. Amelia A. Basilan
Accreditation Coordinator, Caloocan Campus
✉ Amelia.pasilan@ue.edu.ph

Prof. Mildred P. Jimenez
ETEEAP Coordinator
✉ mildred.jimenez@ue.edu.ph

Ms. Lucila A. Peña
Office Staff
✉ lucila.pena@ue.edu.ph

Mr. Oscar Gacos
Office Staff
✉ oscar.gacos.ue.edu.ph

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