Functions of the Office of Curriculum Development and Instruction

On Curriculum Development

1. Assists Colleges in the systematic planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of their curricula;

2. Ensures that curricula of Colleges comply with laws, memoranda, and standards set by the University, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and/or the Department of Education (DepEd);

3. Facilitates curriculum changes in response to the societal needs and to current trends in different professions;

4. Develops a standardized syllabus design for all courses in the University and keeps an updated file of all course syllabi;

5. Evaluates curricular designs for the Colleges based on current policies and procedures mandated by CHED or accreditors;

6. Serves as the permanent secretariat and implementing arm of the University Curricular Review Committee (UCRC).


On Faculty Development

1. Assists the Colleges in their faculty development programs that respond to the needs of the faculty, using as basis the feedback from peer and students as well as the current trends in the profession and in education;

2. Organizes University faculty development activities and assists the Colleges in the conduct and evaluation of the same;

3. Assists the Colleges in obtaining, developing, and disseminating the latest resource and instructional materials to support faculty members in systematically meeting teaching standards;

4. Organizes the orientation of new faculty members on University policies, learning management systems (LMS), including grading systems, or as may be directed by the Office of the President;

5. Assists in the selection of faculty members to be granted scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, and financial assistance for faculty development towards approval of the CAO and SVP;

6. Assists in the review and revision of the Student Evaluation of Faculty Performance (SEFP) and similar instruments and to keep a file of the Academic Circulars on them;

7. Collects instructional materials that might be recommended for certain courses;

8. Participates in the preparation and organization of the Annual Faculty Conference;

9. Assists the Office of Research Coordination in critiquing research proposals for paper presentations and publication.


On Instructional Technologies

1. Oversees implementation of IT programs where OCDI is involved;

2. Supervises development of course materials necessary for the adoption and use of the learning management systems (LMS);

3. Coordinates with the IT Department in the implementation of the learning management systems as well as the online operations of the SEFP;

4. Coordinates with the service provider of the LMS from roll out to implementation concerns;

5. Communicates with Deans, Principals, Program Heads, and faculty members for maximum use of the LMS;

6. Oversees the adoption of relevant educational technologies to improve the engagement of teachers and students.


On Textbook Evaluation

Assists the Basic Education and the different Colleges offering undergraduate courses in selecting and evaluating textbooks, laboratory manuals and other instructional materials that supplement instruction, in consonance with the DepEd’s and CHED’s objectives.


✆ Trunk line 8735 5471 local 318 / 447
✆ Direct line 8735 8565 / 7338 1515


Email Directory:

OCDI Director:
Dr. Melvin A. Vidar
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Program Coordinators:
Dr. Felipe R. Alcala Jr.
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Prof. Roselle S. Basa
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Mr. John Paul S. Gonzales
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Mr. John Israel Cunanan
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Ms. Regina P. Ladignon
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