UE Alumna-CFAD Professor Now an Environmental Planner, Too


Arch.-EnP Melanie Crisostomo Gime, an Assistant Professor of the UE College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design (CFAD), recently achieved the distinction of passing the licensure examination to become an environmental planner.

Arch. Gime earned her environmental planner (EnP) license on June 21, 2018, and it comes on the heels of an earlier professional attainment: her license to become a master plumber, which she earned on August 10, 2017.

Arch. Gime currently teaches subjects such as Architectural Design, Planning, Building Technology, Building Utilities and Construction Management to UE CFAD’s Architecture juniors and seniors.

A UE CFAD professor since 2012, she had earned her degree of Master in Construction Management (MSCM) that year from the UE Graduate School. That came seven years after she earned her BS Architecture degree, Cum Laude, from the University of Santo Tomas, where she was a Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) scholar and, in her 4th year, a Starr Foundation of the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) scholar.

A member of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Arch. Gime got her architect’s license in 2007, ranking 12th in the licensure exam that year.

She aimed to become an environmental planner following her passion to be an architect and planner specializing in the principles of sustainability. Per Republic Act 10587, an environmental planner (EnP) is generally involved in “the multidisciplinary art and science of analyzing, specifying, clarifying, harmonizing, managing and regulating the use and development of land and water resources, in relation to their environs, for the development of sustainable communities and ecosystems.”

An EnP, Arch. Gime says, “considers foremost the natural environment, as well as the economic, social and governance factors in its decision making to provide frameworks and plans that will achieve sustainable outcomes.”

She had decided to take the licensure exam to become a registered master plumber (RMP) to widen the scope of her specialization and to avoid having to hire other registered master plumbers for her own projects. The practice of master plumbing, per R.A. 1378, “embrace[s] services in the form of consultations, designing, preparations of plans, specifications, estimates, installation and supervision of plumbing work including the inspection and acceptance of materials used therein…”

Arch. Gime says that her being a licensed environmental planner and master plumber would benefit her students, as “these are allied architectural fields, and the basics of these fields are being taught in the undergraduate subjects of architecture. I would be able to discuss these in a professional point of view, thus increasing my effectiveness as an educator.”

Congratulations and kudos, Arch.-EnP Melanie C. Gime, RMP, MSCM, UAP!


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