New to UE? Check Out These Campus Maps!

Here’s a brief guide about the two campuses for our Warrior Students…




UE Manila

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UE Manila has two entry points: the Recto gate, along C. M. Recto Avenue, and the Gastambide gate, along F. Dalupan Sr. Street (formerly Gastambide Street).

The Dalupan Building, whose façade/front can be seen along C. M. Recto Avenue, houses the UE College of Law (CLaw) and classes of some of the other colleges. [Rooms in this building carry the initials DB on the UE registration form.]

The Santiago F. dela Cruz Building, which surrounds the UE Manila Quadrangle (where the iconic Lualhati statue stands) is mostly for the College of Business Administration-Manila (CBA). [SFC]

The College of Education (CEduc) Building hosts CEduc classes as well as general-education and science laboratory classes of the College of Dentistry and the College of Arts and Sciences-Manila. [ED]

College of Engineering-Manila (CEng’g) classes are spread out across the campus, including near the UE-Tan Yan Kee Garden.

College of Computer Studies and Systems classes are held in the CCSS Building. [CS]

College of Arts and Sciences-Manila classes are held across the campus, including at the P. O. Domingo Center for Information Technology (POD-CIT).

Graduate School classes are located mainly at the POD-CIT.

Non-freshmen classes of the UE College of Dentistry (CDent) are located at the Dr. Lucio C. Tan Building-UE Manila Annex. Freshmen CDent classes are held in the main UE Manila campus, including at the CEduc Building.

The Basic Education classes are distributed across the campus: Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes at the High School Building [HS], Grade 2 to 6 classes at the SFC Annex, while Senior High School classes are at the Former Dentistry Building [FD].





UE Caloocan

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UE Caloocan has two pedestrian entry and exit points: the Samson Road gate, along Samson Road (from which can be seen the Tan Yan Kee Academic Building), and the University Hills gate, along UE Tech Avenue.

(Note: Motorists can enter only through the University Hills gate and exit only through the Samson Road gate.)

The Tan Yan Kee Academic Building houses the Colleges of Business Administration-Caloocan (CBA), Arts and Sciences-Caloocan (CAS), and College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design (CFAD). [Rooms in this building carry the initials “TYK” as well as “MMR,” the latter referring to multimedia rooms.]

The College of Engineering-Caloocan Building (or simply Engineering Building) mainly houses the CEng’g Caloocan classes (including IT classes). [EN; also, MPH 1 and MPH 2]

The Dr. Lucio C. Tan Building hosts the Basic Education Department’s Kinder to Senior High School classes. [LCT]

The Administration Building also hosts some of the SHS classes. [ADM]

A few reminders:

1. Always wear your UE ID. If you do not have yours yet, please visit the Student Affairs Office or the IT Department of your UE campus (within 8 a.m. to 12 noon or within 1 to 5 p.m. on non-holiday Mondays to Fridays).

2. Always have your UE registration form (a.k.a. “reg form” or “reg card”) on hand. In case yours is lost, please secure a new copy, for a small fee; apply for your new copy at the Registrar’s office (a.k.a. the Department of Registration and Records Management or DRRM).

3. Please be in your UE uniform from the first day of classes onwards. If your uniform is pending, be ready to present your uniform receipt as well as your registration form and wear decent civilian clothing, including a white polo shirt or a white shirt.

4. For your first day of classes, an assignment notebook and a pen or two are enough. No need to bring all your school supplies and books yet on the first day.

5. Speaking of books, the UE Textbooks Evaluation and Publishing Office (TEPO) is where you can buy your textbooks on campus. In UE Manila, the TEPO is on the second floor of the Dalupan Building, while in UE Caloocan, it is on the second floor of the Administration Building.

We hope this helps. Thank you for choosing the red-and-white school where tomorrow begins: the University of the East!


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