UE CBA Caloocan Congress 2020 Calls for Sustainable Enterprise Papers


The UE College of Business Administration-Caloocan will be having its inaugural research congress, Congress 2020: Advances in Sustainable Enterprise Research, and qualified teachers, students and professionals in Metro Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines and the world are invited to participate!

Congress 2020 is a higher education forum organized and conducted by UE CBA Caloocan to promote basic and applied research in business, entrepreneurship, sustainability and financial literacy. This will be held on January 20, 2020, at the Multipurpose Hall 3 of the Dr. Lucio C. Tan Building in UE Caloocan.

Congress 2020 is aimed at gathering and disseminating research output from the scientific community in the field of sustainable business, with the ultimate goal of encouraging networking among participants from various institutions and countries while drawing up ideas in the field of sustainable business that can be realized locally and internationally.

For its maiden research congress, UE CBA Caloocan is currently calling for abstracts or research work on a sustainable-enterprise challenge covered by any of the following topics:
     • Job Crafting and Sustainability Initiatives in the Workplace
     • The Future of Sustainability and Integrated Reporting
     • Entrepreneurship for Sustainability
     • Disruptive Innovation and the Sustainable Economy
     • Strategy and Sustainable Business Models
     • Financial Literacy and Inclusion
     • Innovations in Public-Private-People Partnerships for Sustainability
     • Sustainable Market Orientation and Sustainable Marketing

The call for papers is open to academics and researchers within and outside UE, its local and international academic partners, academicians and researchers from other HEIs, and research-oriented members and constituents of professional organizations such as PICPA, the government and our alumni, such as through the UE CBA Caloocan Alumni Association, Inc.

Congress 2020 Day itself will be opened to academics, researchers, professional organizations, business owners and managers, government officials and employees, and alumni.

Abstracts are now accepted at the UE CBA Caloocan Dean’s office, on the ground floor of the Tan Yan Kee Academic Building in the Caloocan Campus. All abstracts must be in by August 19, 2019.

The abstract guidelines:
1. The abstract may be submitted by an individual author or a group of authors.
2. It must be an abstract of an original work.
3. The abstract shall contain the title, the author and brief statements of the problem, the methodology, the findings and the conclusion.

4. Two spaces after, the following information about the author must be supplied:
     a. Name: Title (e.g., Dr., Mr. or Ms.), First Name, Middle Initial and Surname
     b. Name of school
     c. Mailing address and email address
     d. Contact number

5. The abstract should not exceed 250 words.
6. The body should be single-spaced.
7. The abstract should be encoded and saved using MS Word (not PDF), in Arial 10 points for text, 12 points bold for the title, and 10 points bold for the name of the author.
8. The abstract should be emailed on or before the deadline to <congress2020.cba@gmail.com>.
9. The announcement of the presentation acceptance will be on September 19, 2019.
10. In addition, the presentation of each paper will be limited to 15 minutes.

For registration and inquiries, please call (632) 367-4572, local 105 or (63945) 391-7713 or email <congress2020.cba@gmail.com>.

The UE College of Business Administration-Caloocan is located on the first floor of the Tan Yan Kee Academic Building in UE Caloocan, 105 Samson Road, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

We look forward to your sustainability researches, dear participants!


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